The pop games

Welcome to the pop games
10 people
A lot of weapons
1 winner


3. come out come out

Louis pov

The games start and I take off tuning into the middle and grab myself a bow and some arrows.

I see Perrie running north so I run south. Perrie won last years so I don't want to mess with her. I run toward Eleanor to see if she wants to team up. I've known her since we were little.i finally catch up with her.

"Don't kill me!" She said with fear in her voice

"I wanted to know if you wanted to team up?"

"Yes!" She said with delight in her voice. So we set up camp in a big tree.

Nialls pov

Once the countdown started I asked Liam if he wanted to team up he said yes. We would be running west. After the countdown we all ran to the middle and Liam had an axe and Justin went to go kill him so Liam had to take the axe to Justin's throat. Then a boom when off and that meant someone had died. We went off into the woods and someone was following us.

"Come out whoever you are" Liam yelled.

"Can we team up?" Said Cher who was hiding behind a bush.

"Sure lets go." I say.

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