Its just busniess

When Sam is offered a job in London she can't wait but when she finds out how hard it is she regrets her hasty decision


1. prologue


Heyy my potatoes.( my new nickname for u guys)

so its my first fanfic and ill be updating twice a week when i get the hang ill update every day so they will get


"When is mummy comming back"Hope asked me.

I looked into her deep brown eyes so much like his . Him . The reason were here . The reason I need to explain to my baby sister why her whore of a mum isnt comming back.The reason I have a dark past that no one can know the cause of my scars mentely and physically. Him .

"Shes not baby" she gave me a confused look.

"Ill tell you when your older"I reasoned with her . She just nodded. As if she knew what was going on but in reality even I was not 100 persent.

"Are you my mummy now" She asked.

"Yeah im your mummy"I answered back as she smiled back at me.


So that was a little intro hope u liked it xxx there is not a solid plan for the story so let's just see how it grows xx ilyasm





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