Its just busniess

When Sam is offered a job in London she can't wait but when she finds out how hard it is she regrets her hasty decision


3. dreams

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I waited at the gates for Hope to walk out .

"Sammy" Hope called I bent down and hugged her tightly .

"Hows your day been babe"I asked her smiling.

"Good I made something for you "she said .

"Aww that so sweet of you can I have it now"I smiled at her god she was a caring girl she was so good I couldn't have asked for anything more.

"Nope"she said popping the p. I gave her a confused look .

"It's a surprise you have to wait"she smiled at me .

"Oh okay "I sighed pretending to be annoyed that I had to wait .She let out a cute little giggle .

God I love her. We skipped down the roads until we got to our flat. We reached the door and I let go of her hand so I could open the it.

She waltzed in and sat on the sofa ."Do you want anything to eat munchkin"I ask .

"No thank you"she answered .I smiled at her and then took a seat next to her.

She goes through her school bag and pulls out a little bag and hands if to me .I take a look inside a card is there . I open it

Thank you for been my mummy I love you lots.

It was really sweet a tear rolled down my face .

"Thank you and I love been your mummy"I smiled through my tears.She hugged me.

"Look inside the bag"she pointed to it .There was a hand made bracelet it said Hope on it .

This girl was the biggest sweetheart I pulled her into a hug

"Your my Hope"I whispered to her.It was true she was my Hope she was the light at the end of my dark life and I loved her for that .

"Do you like it here"I ask .She looks confused.

"Would you like to leave here"I put said the question in away she would understand.

"What and go see my real mummy"she looked at me with Hope .

"No baby mummy's gone she had to go with her friend she loves you though I told you"I lied to her.

She must think her mums a saint.I'd rather her think her mum was nice than the cunt she was.

She laid down next to me and we stayed silent until I thought she was asleep.I held her tight and carried her up the stairs and to our room.

I put her down on our bed and kissed her goodnight.I walked to the door quietly making sure not to make up the sleeping angel

"Sam" she called .

"OI! I thought you were asleep"I joked round with her.She smiled sleepily.

"I wouldn't mind moving away from here as long as your with me "she said. I was nearly tearing up

"I love you baby" I reassure her.

"I love you two"she said before drifting off to sleep.I went it the bathroom and brushed my teeth.I went back in the room and fell asleep next to Hope. My dreams were always the same .Him.

I tossed and turned all night

(Okay so this is in her dream)

He pushed me against the wall hard.

"Listen to me bitch I call the shots here if I tell you to do something you do it straight away.Do you understand?" He towers over me making me feel so small like nothing.Shit.Worthless.Crap.

I looked to the floor.

"Yes". I mumbled as soon as the word had left be lips I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek. He slapped me.

"Look at me when I talk to you" he screamed so loudly.I was to scared to say anything I mean who could blame me I was twelve.He looked at me like he was pleased at how he made me feel.Scared.Alone.Abused.

I missed my old life.Before he came .Before dad died.Before my mum was a whore.Before that day she came home with him form that cheep club.Before he abused me .Before he raped me .

"Go to the room"he commanded pointing at the door to his and my mums room. I walked slowly to the door but I was used to this I knew what was coming .

"Faster" he screamed .I ran to the room.

I sat on the bed and waited I looked at the door waiting for him to swing it open and abuse me.Make me feel like shit .This was pretty bad for a girl at the age of twelve to think about.

All the girls in my year would bully because I would wear shit clothes and not talk. I would sit by myself at lunch but I wouldn't eat just watch the girls have fun and wish one day my life would be like that.

I would never leave the house or go out with anyone .I had no friends everyone thought I was weird .I was alone.

The door swung open he looked pissed.

He ripped my clothes off me I didn't cry anymore I was to strong for that I just stood there lifeless and helpless.

"I'm going to make you feel so good " he said .

"Your ganna scream my name so loud just like your mum except I can feel every inch of you "his voice made me sick to the stomach .

And that when I would try and zone out .That's when he used me .Raped me .Screwed me .'pleasured' me .

He would make me feel worthless and cheep just like my mum a hoe nothing more than common scum .I don't remember being that much of a screw up that I had all this shit in my life.What could I of done I was twelve .I was so young. I was innocent.

But at the age of 11 my innocence he took that me as well by force.

My life was shit.

It suddenly stopped and everything went black. Pitch black. I was knocked out cold .

And this was how I spent my nights at the age of twelve raped my step dad my mum knew about it but she didn't care she cheated on him every night.

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