Its just busniess

When Sam is offered a job in London she can't wait but when she finds out how hard it is she regrets her hasty decision


2. crazy arse day

An❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️so this is da first chapter enjoy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️Five years later...

Sammy's pov:

It's been five years since my so called "mum" left us .Hope is now eight and I'm twenty.

I had to look after Hope with no help it was hard I'm not going to lie but I owe it to her.

When she was five she started to ask questions about her mum.Who could blame her.

Hope hopped down the stairs in her uniform. Ready for school.

"Ready to go" I asked she nodded.I grabbed her book bag from the side.The place we lived in was a little flat .When my mum left I was only fifteen unable to work legally the bitch left me no choice but to do what I could. Prostitution. Not out of choice out of love for my younger sister.

We walk to the school gates and she gave a kiss on the cheek and skipped to her class .God I love her. Ever since I stopped my old "job" I needed some income so I did jobs here and there.But they weren't enough to pay the bills.

I walked up the high street and entered into Tonys, a sweet little cafe .I sat at a table and pulled out my newspaper so I could do some job searching. I looked and called all the available jobs each time I was told it was taken. My hope was soon running low.

I put my worn out phone down and let my head fall into my hands as a sign of defeat.

I looked up at saw a pair of blue eyes staring at me I looked at him and gave a polite smile.He didn't stop looking at me like a normal person would. I just ignored it I mean it's Crawley there's a lot of weird people.

I laugh in my head .Crawley is a weird place but it's home .I mean it isn't as ruff as people make out .It's mostly old ladies but don't get me wrong old ladies aren't all as sweet as they look.

I laugh at the memory of the old sweet lady who I tried to help cross the road and then she started telling me to fuck off.I started to feel like a coffee. I dipped into my pocket pulling out some copper coins.

"great"I mumbled .

"Excuse me" I looked up to see the same blue eyes that were staring at me only a few minutes ago .

"Do you mind if I sit here"I shake my head

"No ahead". He slides me over a cup of coffee. I smile at him.

"Thank you" He just nods his head as a sign of saying its okay.

"So I saw you looking for a job any luck" He asks. Well he must of being playing a lot of attention .

"No" I say quietly. He looks at me like he's debating with him self.

"I can offer you a job" he says.I look at him like he's crazy.

"Whats the catch" I ask. Obviously he's not just goin to give me a job and theres no way in hell im doing 'that' job again.

"We'll it's a hard job" He explains.

"How so" I crease my eyebrows a habit I've adopted over the years.

"You need to leave everything behind an apartment is a paid for you" he explains.

"What do I have to do?"I ask.

"It's a secret society if you tell anyone you will be killed"he looks for a sign in my eyes .I nod gesturing for him to carry on.

"You will be assigned a person you have to get close to them and find out the truth about there crime "He looked at me.

"Yeah okay that sound nice you need to go home and take your meds okay" I say to the psychopath.

"I'm perfectly heathy you would get paid 1,000 a week " He answered .I wanted to ask more but he just slides me his card and tells me to call him. I nod my head unsure weather to believe him or not. He leaves and shakes my hand.

I walked out the cafe and I began to walk home . I needed to think about this.I need the money for Hope .I tried to get it all straight in my head.

Okay so I just got asked to join a secret society and get paid an amazing amount and have accommodation paid for.

I thought he was crazy I mean it's not every day you get told to join a secret society for all I knew he could be some crazy psychopath and was making all this bulshit up. Or maybe my luck came finally I've been left with shit my whole life I had a mum who was just a stupid cow who was hooked on drugs and didn't give a fuck about me or Hope.

Who would leave us indoors while she went clubbing .I was twelve and Hope was a couple of weeks old she would come home late and bring a guy in and fuck him in her room .

The thought made me sick .All of those men. Her .The slut bag I had as a mother.Im glad she left because Hope never had to see what a fuck up her mum was.

I opened the door to my flat it was noon I still had 3 hours to pick up Hope.

I looked at the phone card.

"This could be my chance" I said to myself I needed to do this for me and Hope .I got out my worn out phone .

I dialled the numbers into my phone.I pressed the call button.I held it up to my ear and took a deep breath .

"Hello" the guys voice from the cafe rang through my ears.

"Hello it's the girl from the cafe I want to take you up on the offer" I said fiddling with my fingers.

"Great ill see you at the same café at 12.00 tomorrow"he said ." Sounds good to me bye"I said drawing the conversation to a close .

"Bye"he said.

Okay this has been one crazy day !

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