Its just busniess

When Sam is offered a job in London she can't wait but when she finds out how hard it is she regrets her hasty decision


4. all about you

I woke up drenched in my own sweat. I thought I was over these dreams but my nightmares continue to haunt me .

They always seem so real.I had to remind myself that he gone he can't hurt me.Or worse Hope.Hurting Hope would just kill me.She was my everything.If it wasn't for her I would be dead. I would still cut I would still hate myself .I would still believe the shit he made me believe.How I was worthless.Only for him to abuse.That no one loved me.

And the sad thing is it was most likely true.But not now I am worth something .Maybe not to anyone but to Hope she needs me.

I walk out the bed and get up and have a shower.And lay out Hopes uniform .I shake her to wake her up .

"Come on baby time for school"I whisper in her ear.She smiles up at me and nods.

She hops down the stairs dressed.God she's an angel she makes my life so much easier.

"Ready to go"I ask her and she nods."Come on then"I smile at her.

We walk through the crazy streets of Crawley talking about loads of things.

We get to the school gates and I say goodbye to her as she waves to me in return.

I turn around and start to walk to the cafe to meet with the man who could change mine and Hopes life forever.

I don't know why the streets seemed so silent Maybe it's because I wasn't focused and daydreaming about how my life would be if I took this job.

I got to the cafe and bought myself a tea and went to find a seat.I looked around to pass time.

The old couple caught my eye they were bickering and so I just tuned into there argument because I'm nosey like that.

I just smile at how cute they were the old lady saw me staring and gave me a sweet smile hushing her husband informing him he was making a drama.

I just smile at them and look away not wanting to seem like some kind of creep.

I hear the door open and I turn around to see the guy from yesterday.I waved and point at the seat opposite me.

He nods and sits down on it."Do you want something to drink"he asks."No thank you"I say pointing at me half full up of tea.He smiles and nods.Ohh great there is a awkward silence.

"So about the job"I say mentally high fiveing myself for breaking the silence that consumed us.

"Oh yeah the jobs yours if you want it"he stops for a while and pulls out a stack of paper out his bag then carries on ."You just have to sign a few things and I need to ask some quick questions"he looks at me.I nod slowly hoping he doesn't ask anything to personal.

"What's your full name"he starts

"Sammy Crystal Summers"I say in return

"So are you with someone"he asks

"No I'm single but I do have a sister that will be coming long with me"I reply.

He nods showing he understands.

"And you don't mind leaving here"he looks at me

"No I'll be fine with that" I nod.

"Okay so you just have to sign this it's just to say you agree with the rules"he concludes.

I look down at the paper it says

1 .No one is to know what your job is

2.You are not to hide anything from us

3 .Do not fall in love

I take the pen and sign it."I wouldn't worry about number 3 "I laugh at him.

"You will be leaving to Londen tomorrow morning is that okay?"he asks.I nod "perfect".

I say good bye to the man who's name is Niall and I start to walk home.Passing the familiar sights of Crawley. Even though Crawley has jack shit to do ill miss it .

When I get to our flat I run to my room and get the suitcase putting in everything in and closing it shut.My new place is going to come furnished so I can leave all that here.

I grab a chocolate bar and make my way to pick up Hope.I walk out my door and down the stairs I reach into my pocket because my arse seem to be vibrating.Theres a text from an unknown number.

Transport will be at you house at 8am.


How does he know my number or where I live.Im pretty sure I never told him.

How did u get my number and how do you know where I live

I text him that and turn off my phone as I get to the gates of her school.

She skips out and gives me a hug and tells me about her day at school until we reach home .

She runs upstairs to get changed.She comes down in the clothes I left out for her.

"Why are my clothes in a suitcase"she asks sounding a little confused"."Come sit down" I point to the seat next to me . She sits down and turns to face me .

"We're going on a new adventure and we need to leave"I explain."But I like it here" she looks at me."Don't you want your own room and have fun and invite your friends over "I ask her.

" yeah I do" she sound exited."Then let's go " she nods. "Okay".

She lays down and we watch some tv show.She falls asleep and I look at her sleeping.She looks like an angel.

I turn on my phone and see iv got an unread message

I know everything about you Sammy


Okay then that a little creepy.Iv only just meet him I don't even know his second name . Yet he knows everything about me

πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šokay so I'm not blocked any more so ill carry on tell me what u think please don't be rude or mean.

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