miscarriage ( Done! )

Darcy Jackson is a 15 year old child living with her Grandma over the summer. When her best friend Rebecca tricks her into going to London she tries finding any way to get back home. No matter the price is. Even if she has to kill her father. ( This is part one of this story.)


2. Chapter two

I scream on the top of my lungs when I wake up. When I open my eyes I realize I'm in my room.

" That was just a dream." I whisper to myself," Just a dream."

I get up and take a shower then leave the house. I always tell my grandmother that I have lots of friends when I only have one. I want her to feel that I'm not lonely even though I am.  I quickly walk to the bakery which is just a block away.

" Hey Darcy!" I hear Mrs. Peacock yell from the end of the room. I wave at her and ask her where Rebecca is and she answers saying," Oh Darcy hon. She is up the stairs in her room? Want to tell her shift starts at noon today?"

Mrs.. Peacock is Rebecca's step mom and she is extremely nice. I nod and enter the " Staff only" door and walk up the stairs, and make the second left onto Rebecca's room. When I see her my heart skips for joy. I see my one and only friend dancing to some kind of music that I didn't know while her dyed, red hair swings back and forth.

I don't know why she dyed her hair dark red to be honest. I told her ,her natural light brown hair was perfect but she didn't listen.

When she notice me she gestures me to come with her head.

"Hey bubble butt." I say to her.

I don't really know why I call her that because her butt isn't really that big.

" Hey dirt head." She tells me sticking her tongue  out and we sit on her bed.

"Did you check your twitter account?" She asks taking her phone out of her back pocket."

I shook my head. " I didn't have time. What happened?"

" Harry said that he WAS going solo and that he never wanted to be in One Direction in the first place!" She says while logging into her twitter account.

" Wait! Let me see that!!" I say grabbing her phone away from her.

I went on Harry's page and looks at his latest  tweet that says,  @Harry_Styles: The rumors are true! I'm going to go solo. Been wanting to go solo for a while now. Not gonna finish the tour. Never wanted to be in the stupid band anyway.

"Oh My God..." I say really amazed

" I know right!" Rebecca says taking her phone away from me.

" What about 5sos?" I ask a tad more interested in them than One Direction.

"Well... uhh.. nothing." she says biting her lips. I knew she was lying from the top but it didn't bother me at the moment.

"Guess what?" She asks. I knew she was trying to change the subject but I knew we didn't have anything better to talk about. I asked her what.

" We won the lottery but there was a catch and your in it..." she quietly says.




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