miscarriage ( Done! )

Darcy Jackson is a 15 year old child living with her Grandma over the summer. When her best friend Rebecca tricks her into going to London she tries finding any way to get back home. No matter the price is. Even if she has to kill her father. ( This is part one of this story.)


10. Chapter ten

"Why are you here Darcy? No one cares about you! You're just a stupid, rich child you is such a snitch, diva and violent nobody cares about you. You're just an adopted kid because, you're real parents didn't want you." Rebecca says with an angry voice. Her face almost looked like the color of her hair. Was she telling the truth? Am I just a stupid, rich kid who is a snitch, diva and violent? No. It can't be. I don't seem  like that kind of person. I try my best to get good grades, I try not to say I'm rich and I try not to throw money around. I could keep secrets and I'm NOT a diva. But am I violent? I had no clue. I mean when I'm angry I would do some stuff....  But I try my best not to. Most of the time.

"You see!" Rebecca continues without letting me to say a thing," You can't think of anything to say because you know I'm right!"

She Is right. I thought to myself. And maybe I should act more like that.


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