miscarriage ( Done! )

Darcy Jackson is a 15 year old child living with her Grandma over the summer. When her best friend Rebecca tricks her into going to London she tries finding any way to get back home. No matter the price is. Even if she has to kill her father. ( This is part one of this story.)


6. chapter six

Darcy's P.O.V

I was stunned that someone could do something  like that to me. I didn't know someone could be so cruel.

" So you're telling me that I spent thousands of dollars just because you wanted to come to London and MAYBE meet five seconds of summer?" I ask her while trying to hide the anger that was clearly in my voice. She nods looking at her feet. I wanted to smack her and hurt her so much but I knew I needed to keep my anger inside or I'll do something I will regret. I tightened my fist each time I felt more anger over run my body.

"I'm sorry Darcy. I really am." She sobs. To be honest I don't feel a need to give pity to her because she should be sorry! I mean who wouldn't be mad if they wasted thousands of dollars because they thought their life was on the line but later realized their friend was lying so that they MIGHT meet a band.

"You should be sorry." I say raising my voice on accident. She cries even more. I didn't know what to do. I could tell my eyes where brown because I was extremely mad. My eyes turns into a light shade of brown when I'm EXTREAMLY mad.

"Darcy." She shrikes

"Darcy what? Huh?! DO you want a plane ticket home? Well guess what? I'm not going to give it to you! You need to work your butt off if your going to survive London. Never less leave London!" I shout at her. This must be one of the few times I shouted to someone. I don't like shouting because it's loud and could hurt the other person.

"I wish I wasn't alive." Rebecca says in between her crying. That really hurt my heart to be honest. It struck me with fear and sadness. But I knew she isn't the kind of person who will commit suicide . Is she?

"Don't say such a thing you stupid child!" I yell at her before someone knocks on the door.

"This is the police!" I hear a deep voice say. I froze. This was the most scariest  moment of my life. So many thoughts went through my head. For example, what if they are here to take me to jail? At the corner of my eyes I could see that Rebecca stopped crying and is now as still as a rock.

"This is the police! Open up or we will brake open the door!" The voice says louder

I slowly walk towards the door, shaking and bumping into stuff. When I opened the door it wasn't another prank but it was three officers and a lot of FBI agents. Before I told them they could come in the pushed me out of my way and entered the flat.

"Do you know why we came?" Asked a police women like if she knew I knew the answer. I honestly reply telling her, "No."

I don't think that was the answer she wanted to hear by the looks of her face expression.

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