miscarriage ( Done! )

Darcy Jackson is a 15 year old child living with her Grandma over the summer. When her best friend Rebecca tricks her into going to London she tries finding any way to get back home. No matter the price is. Even if she has to kill her father. ( This is part one of this story.)


1. Chapter one



Darcy's P.OV.

I was helping my grandmother down the stairs days after her stroke.

" Darcy, thank you a lot for helping me. But I'm really concerned on you hanging to much with me and not socializing with other people." my grandmother says in her really quiet voice.

" But Ma." I answer being as quiet as possible," I am. I hang with your friends when they come over your house."

She stops moving when she reaches the end of the stairs and reply's," You know that's not what I meant. You know I meant people your own age."

I knew she was correct but I really like hanging around her. I guess it's because it's hard for me to make friends.

" Well if I can't nicely ask you to meet people your age I'll have to order you to make friends. So I'm ordering you to do so." My grandma states while I help her sit in the dining chair.

"Ok grandmother. I'll go but I'll be back by dawn ok?" I say defeated

When I took a step outside I felt the coldness hit against my face.
I look forward onto the road and see a truck driving unsafely. Oh my goodness. I froze up not being so close to a truck before. Something pushes me off the way and i hit the ground. I  couldn't remember anything else other than thick, red blood.


       How do you like the first chapter? OK please give me some helpful hints to the story. See you later. Bye!


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