miscarriage ( Done! )

Darcy Jackson is a 15 year old child living with her Grandma over the summer. When her best friend Rebecca tricks her into going to London she tries finding any way to get back home. No matter the price is. Even if she has to kill her father. ( This is part one of this story.)


9. Chapter nine

"Close the door! Close the door!" He yells to me. I was completely stunned that I couldn't move a muscle so Rebecca decides to close the door before anyone else comes in. I'm so stunned. To be honest I thought IF I met one of the guys from One Direction I would be a fan girly type and ask for his number or something, but I just stood their and felt really embarrassed. He started to talk but for some reason I wasn't interested in what he was saying. I was just so surprised that I'm in the same room as Zayn Malik. Rebecca elbows me in my chest which makes me brake out of my trance and yell in pain. It was hurting me so much, to be honest. I hate when people think it's ok to elbow a girl in the chest.

Zayn just stood their in a really awkward pose. You could tell he was really stiff.

"It's weird that you guys are not asking for my autograph or something. I mean all our fans do that." Zayn says in a choppy way.

"We are not fans." I spit out. I know that was a big lie. I hope he didn't catch me biting my lips because people say when I lie, I bit my lips, which is weird to me. Zayn started to laugh then he stopped saying," Says the girl with a One Direction shirt on with a One Direction hat and shoes."

I looked at myself and realized what he said was true. Wait. Why was I wearing shoes? Never mind that! Zayn Malik was breathing the same air as me! It was something that I couldn't imagine! After a really awkward moment of silence Zayn puts his ears next to the door for a while. "What are you doing?" Asks Rebecca in a whisper

"Checking if the press are still here." He replies," I guess not. Well it's been fun meeting you guys. Bye!" And like that he was gone. After a few seconds after he left me and Rebecca looked at each other and started to shriek of happiness. We did a weird dance called "We just met Zayn Malik"

After about an hour of calming down we realized something. We didn't get his number or ANYTHING. You could have said that for the rest of the day we where pretty moody. At night we cried and cried of not getting to get at least a picture of him. Then Rebecca decided to become a stupid diva.

"It's your fault! Saying we where not fans!" She yells to me on her bed.

I'm sorry if I didn't say that but come on! If I never agreed to do to this stupid trip we would have never met him!

"Well at least we met him!" I yell at her. She starts cussing at me. When I heard her say the word I hate I got up from my bed and walked straight to hers and asked," What did you just call me?"

She repeats herself and I smack her. I'm sorry I hate smacking people but I'm still mad at her for bringing me to this stupid trip! I mean we have been in this hotel the pass two or three days we have been here. "What is  your problem man?!" She asks chocking back her tears. I felt like laughing right there. What's my problem? What's her problem! I mean she lied to me and I spent millions of dollars just to get here! She's the one acting like a.... No. Maybe I AM the one kind of harsh to her. Wait! But I did waste thousands of dollars on her. I started to have a conversation in my head and I finally said," Get out of this room." and she obeyed.

I didn't think she would just leave but she did. She didn't take anything with her other than her phone and the clothes she was wearing. I shouldn't care right? She's nothing to me.

That night I had the worst nightmare. I felt like I was never going to wake up.


A/O: HEY! I TOLD YOU GUYS THIS CHAPTER WOULD BE LONGER & BETTER! I DIDN'T LIE! (why am I on locks?) Anyway, thanks a  lot of giving me positive feed backs. It really warms my heart. Bye!

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