Harry Potter and the Clock of Love

Harry Potter finds a clock and figures out that he needs to fall in love in 72 hours so he does not travel back in time because the world needs him!


2. Inside the Clock of Love

Harry looked around. Inside the Clock were smooth cherry walls and in the distance was a glowing, red, heart shaped thing... Harry started with to walk towards the heart, but then stopped himself. He had been in the magical world for four years and he was not going to fall into Voldemorts clutches again. But he wanted to go to that heart in the distance. He knew it had a secret. He walked cautiously toward the heart. When he got to it he reached out a hand towards the heart. Harry Potter looked at his hand and with his other hand he pulled his hideaway from the heart. No, he told himself. He took off his glasses and rubbed them on his shirt to clean them. He put his glasses back on and looked into the depths of the heart. In the heart he saw a beautiful girl sitting on a chair. Harry freaked out and ran from the heart. The girl in the heart looked up just as he was leaving with a look of desperation in her eyes.  He listened for Filch and when he heard nothing Harry climbed out of the Clock and  looked at it. His eyes found the note and he read it once than not believing it he grabbed the note and ran to Dumbledore's Office. 


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