Harry Potter and the Clock of Love

Harry Potter finds a clock and figures out that he needs to fall in love in 72 hours so he does not travel back in time because the world needs him!


3. Dumbledore's Office

When Harry got to Dumbledore's Office he said the password, "Skittles" and the gargoyle let him through. Harry Potter looked around and saw Dumbledore coming towards him. "Professor Dumbledore! I went into a clock and it had a heart in the distance and it was glowing and it was red and then when I got out of the Clock I noticed a note and, well, here it is.", Harry blurted out. Dumbledore read the note and then he re-read the note a couple more times. "Well Harry, I guess this means that you have to find true love, and fast." said Dumbledore. "Professor, about the red heart thing..." "Yes, Harry?" "Can I touch it?" "Is there any harm in loving someone", Dumbledore said. "Well, sometimes." Harry replied. "Touch the heart and see where it takes you", Dumbledore replied.

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