Grow Up Tomlinson

Growing up isn't a way of life for Disney Parks Peter Pan. He takes his job seriously. His life... Not so much. Who can make sure he stops being a lost boy and finally becomes a found man? Well that's the thing... Peter Pan can't grow up. Will it take a criminal to find him? You know what they say criminals find what's lost faster then most people... Because they know what they are looking for.


1. prologue

*Diana's POV*

"Hello?" I asked into my small flip phone the I had pressed on my neck and near my right ear.

"Indiana! Why have you been ignoring my calls! I've called you seven times in the past five minutes!" My friend Aria said loudly into my eardrum.

"Aria I was in the shower! Right now, I am standing in the kitchen in nothing but a towel. What is so important?" I asked. I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a black bra with matching underwear. Yay they fit!

"You went home?" She asked. "Um... No" "Then where the fuck are you?" She pushed. "Next door..." I said cowardly. "Diana! That's the 3rd time this week you can't keep breaking in your are gonna get caught again and they will press charges this time." She explained.

I know she is right. I should leave... Maybe after I help myself to a piece of cake I saw in the kitchen when I broke in through the window.

"Ugh okay fine! I'll leave are we still going to Orlando this afternoon?" I asked her. "Yeah of course... But I swear Diana if you steal a costume and walk around with it I will personally turn you in" "I'll take my chances... Race you there?" I teased.

"You're on Jones"


This is the sneak peak so all you have to do is like, fav, and comment and I will update quicker! If you have any questions feel free to ask them! Luv you guys byeee - Ang xx

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