Grow Up Tomlinson

Growing up isn't a way of life for Disney Parks Peter Pan. He takes his job seriously. His life... Not so much. Who can make sure he stops being a lost boy and finally becomes a found man? Well that's the thing... Peter Pan can't grow up. Will it take a criminal to find him? You know what they say criminals find what's lost faster then most people... Because they know what they are looking for.


2. Chapter 1- Peter

There is this big ass bird on the table where I'm writing this so if I type something wrong blame this boochie piece of crap

Chapter One~

"Diana! Over here" Aria yelled. "I thought we were gonna meet at space mountain?" I asked her. I continued "I have been walking around for an hour looking for you". Okay that was a lie, I was looking for some frozen lemonade.

"Sorry I was talking to Prince Eric" she smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Flirt" I told her. She shoved my shoulder playfully and glared at me. "Says the one who almost went home with Flynn Rider" she retorted.

I blushed. "In hindsight I was drunk" I defended myself. "Whatever you liar, let's go I wanna ride Peter Pan". She grabbed my arm, jumping up and down like a child. "Same" I winked at her. "Ew Diana" she cringed letting go of me. I laughed.

I had quite the perverted mind if I do say so myself. After passing many other rides we finally arrived at Peter Pan. We waited in line for no more then two minutes because I 'found' a fast pass on the floor while scavenging for lemonade.

As the first few people in front of us began to board the ships a boy in black jeans, pointed shoes, green shirt and hat began jumping over the ropes. "Make way Peter Pan in flying in!" He yelled. After getting to the front if the line he leaned down at a small girl who looked about five or six who was looking at him in admiration. He gave a peck on the cheek and ran.

I turned away and began walking to my ship. I say down and reached over for my seatbelt. "Aria put it in" I said chuckling at myself for my choice of words. She takes it from my hand and I hear the click of the bars as they lower.

"That Peter Pan was pretty cute" I lift my head up as the words leave my mouth. I then glare at the person before me. I look back and see Aria looking pusses off as she claimed into the boat behind me.

"What were you saying about Peter Pan love?" He smirked. He leaned back and kicked his feet up on the bars and put his hands behind his head. I rolled my eyes. "I think I heard something along the lines of cute?" He chuckled fixing the red feather on his hat. I took out my phone and began to text Aria.

"What's your name?" He asked. "You're british?" I asked. "Nice to meet you 'You're british'" he laughed at his awful joke. "What are you five?" I spat at him. "I don't know I've been in neverland for so long I have forgotten" he said.

"I'm twenty one but according to children I'm fifteen" he said truthfully. "I'm twenty one too and my name is Diana but people call me Indiana" I said. "Oh like Indiana Jones? Haha" He chuckled. "Exactly" I smirked.

"So what's your name?" I asked him. "Peter" "Really?" He nodded. "Wow. Well nice to meet you Peter but next time let me ride with my best friend" I said. I turned my body away from him and stared down at the scenery we were all ready by where Wendy was on the plank.

I decided I would finish my text to Aria.

Babe I think I do want to ride Peter Pan;) - D xx


So yup that's chapter one! Goodnight everyone:*

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