Trust Issues (H.S)

Harry Styles, reformed bad boy. Now that he's broken up with his cheating girlfriend, he's a shell of his former self. Iris Cazelle, hiding a secret that she can't tell anyone - ever - but through no choice of her own. An unlikely pairing, but will they stay together when Harry discovers that she's been hiding something from him; something massive...



"He's cute, right?" I had taken a seat next to another girl waiting to go into the office. "Hailey Pattestone." She stuck out a hand for me to shake.

"Iris Cazelle," I said, taking her hand. "And not really. Kinda, I guess, but he seems like a dick."

"I don't know. My cousin goes to this school and she was telling me that he used to be really quite and dorky until that girl transferred from America and they started dating. His names Harry - Harry Styles I think it is. First day too?"

"Yeah I just came here from... Oh you won't know it. So he used to be a dork? And his girlfriend made him popular. Sounds like an over-rated teen movie," I snorted.

"Doesn't it just? She's called Sasha Griffiths and she thinks she's like, totally perfect!" She mocked her accent in the last bit. "I kinda hate her already. She seemed rude."

At that moment the head called us into her office and spoke to us, peering over her wire rimmed glasses.

"So, Iris, Hailey, as you're both knew I expect you'll want to stick together so you're in many of the same classes. Here are your timetables," she passed us two almost identical slips of paper over the table. "You already have maps and your buddies should be along soon enough."

"Buddies?" I asked.

"We make sure that there are at least two pupils in the school who are in exactly the same classes which means that there'll always be a familiar face for you. It's also very helpful if you miss a day of school and in the first week you have to stick to them like glue until you get the bearings of the place. It's worked very well in the past."

"Wow," I said, pretending to be impressed with her little system. There was nothing worse, in my opinion, than being forced to befriend someone purely because you were in all of their classes and the school was forcing you to. If I made friends, it would be on my own term or not at all.

"Ah, here they come!" The head gushed and gesticulated behind us to our buddies. A short and very overexcited girl with frizzy hair and glasses bounded over to Hailey who gave me a look of contempt.

Just my luck to get someone annoying as my buddy.

Just my luck to get Harry Styles.

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