Summer. (Austin Fanfiction)

This crazy college girl named destiny loves messing around. She is a total mess and than she meets him.


3. Austin.


When we got there I walked off the bus and the hot air hit my face and made me smile and take a deep breath. As I started to get my bags I picked them all up and headed to my hotel. I got to my room and it was beautiful. It had a great view it was a light peach and white colour. "Hey Des!" Sammi (my best friend) "hey Sammi wait are you my room mate!?" "YES!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "Yay!"

~~that night~~~

"Hey Des a lot of students pare sneaking out to go to the pub do you want to go?" I nodded and went into the bathroom to go change and to get ready. I curled my hair and put on mascara and eye liner with red lipstick. Than I got on a tight dress and wore black 5 inch heels that are actually very comfy!

~when they get there~

I get out of the car and walk in and it is full of people. "Hey baby!" A random guy called out. I looked at him flirtatious and walked away. "Hey babe do you want a drink?" Hunter asked. "Um sure can I have a.... Coke?" He looked at me and started to laugh. "Babe you don't want a beer?" I shook my head and off he went. When he came back he was already wasted. "Hey babe you want to go mess around?" He said while rubbing his body against mine. "Stop you are obviously wasted!" He looked at me and than slapped my cheek. "Bitch go die in hell I'll go find another girl who would love to bang me!" I grabbed my cheek and started to cry. Out of no where I see hunter get punched and he fell to the ground. I turned around and there stood austin. "Are you ok?" He said worried. I didn't respond all I did was hug him and cried.

"Do you want to go back to the cabin?" He said sweetly. " yes please." I looked down and my feet were all bruised and they hurt like hell. I let out a low Ow and he picked my up bridal style and carried me. "Thanks." He just nodded. I put my head to his chest and he smelt so good.


We got back and I looked down and destiny was already asleep. I took her to her room and opened the door and laid her on her bed. Right when I turned my back I felt her hand grab mine. "Please stay I'm scared." She said letting a tear roll down her cheek. "Of course!" I said and I made a bed on the floor and fell asleep holding her hand.

~Next Morning~


I woke up feeling horrible, unloved, worthless and miserable. I looked down and saw Austin holding my hand. I smiled and shook him slightly "hey Austin?" He woke up and smiled. "Good morning... How are you?" I looked down and shook my head "bad." He frowned and gave me a hug. "It will be ok I promise." I looked up at him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank You!" He nodded and walked out of my hotel room.

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