No Way Out

Melody is your typical school loner. She has the books, the glasses, the nerdy status, and the past that repels other people. Except for one. When a strange boy moves into the small town, Melody doesn't know what to do. He isn't like everyone else. But having a deep fear of people doesn't help the situation. And she will soon realize that, in her small town, people aren't all that are to be feared.


9. Chapter 8

I was startled awake by Melody slightly shifting, I've always seemed to wake up by the smallest things. She shifted so her head was now on my chest instead in the crook of neck, and she curled even closer to me, if that were possible. Her breath was warm on my skin, and I realized the slight chilliness in the room. I carefully grabbed the blanket next to us and wrapped it around our tangled bodies. I smiled at the thought of her petite body huddled against mine.

Ever since I walked into my first class with her, Melody caught my eye. The way she sat in her desk with her head buried in a book, her beautiful hair resting on her back, her eyebrows scrunched when she was in an intense reading moment, and especially the way you feel when you gaze into her deep emerald eyes, like there's nothing that could make you happier. At least, that's how I felt. When I was told about the pain and suffering people have put her through, I just wanted to punch Clayton in the face. It's no doubt that my group of popular friends have been involved of most of the bullying people do to Melody. It just made me wonder how people could be so heartless to do that to her. She is absolutely perfect. I was ecstatic when she finally warmed up to me. I feel like fate brought us together. Now she's sleeping on top of me. It just felt so right. I never wanted this moment to end. But obviously it had to.

The front door almost broke off its hinges as it was slammed against the wall. Footsteps sauntered through heavily, and over to the stairs. They were thudding loudly on the floor, angering me more with every pound. At this rate, Melody was bound to wake up at any point. And I knew how much trouble she usually has with sleeping. But the person must've paused because everything was silent for a moment. Then I heard footsteps again, but this time, they were quieter, and almost sounded smaller, as if the person was taking all of the weight off of their feet. Then I realized there were two pairs of feet. That meant that there was more than one intruder. Suddenly, Melody shifted, and the bowl of half-eaten popcorn next to us fell on the floor. It landed on the floor softly, and I prayed to the heavens that the intruders didn't hear it. Apparently I didn't pray hard enough.

The strangers quieted their footwork even more, and I started breathing heavily. There was mumbling coming from the kitchen, and I had to strain my ear to hear.

"I thought you said she would be in her bedroom?" a rough voice warned. I assumed that voice belonged to the louder of the two people.

"I swear, she was earlier," said the quieter person. By now I found out that they were both guys, but this guy's voice was definitely weaker, and clearly timid. There was even something familiar about the voice.

"Well, she ain't there now," the deep voice answered angrily. both guys started moving towards the living room, where we were. I decided to close my eyes and pretend I was sleeping, and if anything were to happen, then I would quickly attack, surprising them, and keeping them away from Melody. I assumed that they finally made it to the doorway because it was silent again, and I could smell a musty, stone smell coming from my left.

"Hmm, what do we have here?" the deeper voice said. His voice sounded like it was right next to me, making the hairs on the back of my neck prickle with fear.

"Shit, I didn't think Jason would be here," the weaker voice explained. How does he know my name?

"I don't care who he is and why he's here. I just care about the girl. Now, when do you think we can start the plan?" The strong guy went straight to the point. I listened carefully, making sure to here everything being said, remembering every word.

"Soon. She still doesn't have a clue about anything and I'd like it to stay that way. Give some more time," the voice pleaded. His voice gave away every trace of nervousness he felt, shaking and cracking. That prevented me from identifying the voice's owner even more.

"What about the boy? He doesn't have anything to do with this. So help me if he ruins this whole deal," the other guy warned, growing angrier with each passing second. And it seemed, while this was all happening, the smaller guy was growing nervous as the big guy kept proving his points. 

"Don't worry. I'll deal with him. It won't take much to separate them. And I'll make sure it happens." Hearing though words, I subconsciously tightened my grip on Melody.

"It better not. If it does, I'll have to take care of them myself. And I'm not sure that anyone wants me to do that. It might not turn out pretty," the voice darkened. And that was the end of their conversation for the moment. Instead of continuing their talking, I heard them start to inch closer to us. My breathing suddenly heavied, and I was fighting the urge to open my eyes and steal a peek at the creeps. But I didn't. I wouldn't dare risk Melody's life, not even if it was to save my own. She was definitely growing on me, more than any other human being has. I didn't know what it was, but every time I saw her, my stomach would do a flip, my mind would get all foggy, and my tongue seemed to swell and stick in my throat. In simpler words, I guess you could say I get a bit nervous.

Both men were suddenly standing next to us, breaking me from my thoughts. The musky smell of minerals and trees disoriented my senses from the strength, and I couldn't think straight.

"She's awfully good-looking," I heard a deep, husky voice whisper. Finally, my anger boiled to the point where my eyes wouldn't stay closed even if they were glued, so my left eye squinted in the slightest way possible. Thankfully they didn't notice my movement, and kept on with their business. I instantly wanted to hurl. A huge guy was hovering over Melody, stroking her golden locks that glowed from the faint moonlight, seeping in from behind the curtains. His hands were filthy and made the sight even more disgusting, thinking that someone would even touch something as perfect as her with something that was the complete opposite. If I weren't holding myself back for Melody's sake, I would already be on top of the guy, beating him to a pulp. No one touches my Melody. When my internal torture was over, and he withdrew his hand, I immediately released a soft sigh of relief. 

After the guy stood back up straight, I finally got a better view of the sicko. He was definitely broad, with big shoulders and chest, almost looking like a bodybuilder. I couldn't see the other guy, but I frantically searched for him, determined to make at least a general identification. Then I realized he had been in my line of sight the whole time. I just couldn't see him because he was hiding in the shadows. Cautiously, I opened my eye a little wider, hoping to be able to see him better. Wait, is that Mark? Who is with him? Why are they here? My mind was straining to understand the profoundly confusing situation. Even though I couldn't see very well, there was a great amount of confidence in identifying the second guy as Mark. He had dark brown hair with an average build, and, from what I could see, his skin was tan. But, I admitted, there was still that ten percent chance that I was wrong.

Mark didn't respond to the guy's actions, he just stood there quietly. I wanted to know why they were here. 

"You know, I'm surprised," the unnamed individual started. "You've been around her all this time, and you've never taken advantage of her. I probably would've taken her the first moment I saw her, minus this time," he admitted. Suddenly, it seemed like Mark had a look of disgust on his face, from what I could see.

"Dude, that's disgusting. Why would I do something like that to her?" Mark questioned. The man huffed. 

"Who cares? She's going to be gone soon anyway. Have a little fun while you still can. You look like you could use it," the stranger pointed out. Mark's expression never changed. But I thought I saw something glimmer in his eyes. Was it... consideration? I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

"C'mon. We should probably leave now. I know she won't get up, but he is unpredictable," Mark suggested. What is that supposed to mean? I wondered. Mark made his way to us from the corner of the room. As he  that, the other guy made his way to the kitchen, searching for food by the sounds of it. It took me a minute to realize that Mark was approaching us, so I hurriedly shut my eyes, hoping he didn't see my face twitch.

"Goodnight, Melody," Mark whispered. His voice didn't sound right, and it worried me. His voice was of from the start, but now he spoke with almost a hungry sound, like the other guy. That triggered a small but deep growl within my throat. I couldn't even imagine something happening to Melody without wanting to do some damage, preferably to someone.

Mark had already started walking away, but when he abruptly stopped, I knew he had heard my growl. I instantly panicked, but remained as still as I could.

There was silence for about five minutes before I peeked my left eye open again to see if he just snuck out. Nope. Sure enough, he was standing not two feet away from me, watching me. He didn't seem to notice so I took a good, long look at him, now that he stood in brighter moonlight. Wait... that doesn't look like Mark. Or does it? Maybe I'm just tired. I could be dreaming right now for all I know. He leaned closer, and I started worrying. Maybe he did see me. I quickly shut my eye once again, and this time I knew he saw me. I listened for anything, wanting a sign of what to do. Unexpectedly, a rough hand yanked at my face. Of course, I flinched slightly, but thankfully he was moving too much to fully realize I was awake. He sharply turned my head to the right, then to the left. My cheek was numbing from his strong grip. Now I knew it wasn't a dream. I was feeling pain. And all I wanted was for this to be a dream. It was all too confusing. I felt him let go of my face, but immediately after, my cheek stung before I could process that he slapped me. I blinked my eyes fully open, dizzy from the surprising impact. My hand flew to my head, hoping to still everything that was spinning around me.

"Listen to me. You don't tell anyone about anything you heard, got it? If you do, people will get hurt. And you don't want to be the one responsible for deaths, do you?" He harshly whispered my ear. I shook my head in response, unable to form words. "Didn't think so. Now, just know that I know who you are. And I also know how to get rid of someone successfully if they get in the way of my business." With that, he walked away, leaving me to cradle my head.

Eventually, my dizziness disappeared, but it left a killer headache behind. I looked down at Melody to make sure she wasn't hurt. I found her curled against my chest still, as if nothing had happened. That concerned me a little so I put my hand close to her face to check her breathing. I was awarded with her warm breath on my hand. There was a sigh of relief I released before shifting us so that we were laying on the couch and my arms were wrapped around her. Unfortunately, with my head throbbing, and questions speeding through my mind, sleep would not show me any mercy. I resulted to watching Melody breathing all night, deciding I will never let her out of my sight, or grasp. She was too special. That guy was wrong. There will be no separating us now.

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