No Way Out

Melody is your typical school loner. She has the books, the glasses, the nerdy status, and the past that repels other people. Except for one. When a strange boy moves into the small town, Melody doesn't know what to do. He isn't like everyone else. But having a deep fear of people doesn't help the situation. And she will soon realize that, in her small town, people aren't all that are to be feared.


8. Chapter 7

It was about a week later that I was released from the hospital. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. They probably at least, like, 50 tests before they finally gave up, My mini episodes during my stay didn't help anything either.

Jason ended up staying with me the whole time I was there, missing school. He stayed even longer than Andrew. Andrew said he had work and other stuff to do, but he wouldn't tell me what that stuff was. He's been keeping something from me and I'm getting worried because of it. He looks more stressed than he's ever been, and he's even started looking sick. Not to mention the gap he's formed between him and I.

When I arrived home with Jason late that night (he would NOT let me come home on my own), I found the place spotless, and unsurprisingly empty of any other human being. I walked to the kitchen and scanned the almost empty cabinets. Looked like I'll have to go to the grocery store again.

"So, your brother is something else, isn't he?" Jason started in a joking tone. I chuckled.

"Yeah. I used to be able to practically read his mind and know what he's thinking. But he's different now. Almost a stranger," I mumbled. He looked at me with a sad expression. "It's ok. It's not like I'm not used to the feeling of being alone," I trailed off. He looked at me sadly.

"Hey, you've got me now," Jason assured. I smiled sadly.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Ah, why not." He smirked. I playfully smacked his arm and stuck my tongue out at him. He happily returned the gesture. That made me huff.

"Just pick out a movie," I commanded, getting up to make popcorn. Luckily I found one more bag of the buttery, movie theater popcorn. I put the popcorn in the microwave, and listened to Jason sifting through the movies. Once in a while, he would click his tongue in disapproval.

"You know, you don't have very good taste in movies," he said.

"Yeah, I know. Usually Andrew is the one watching them, while I'm in my room reading," I explained. He sighed softly.

Since I was in the kitchen, and Jason was in the living room, there was a wall that separated us from each other. I could tell when Jason finally decided on a movie because he hummed in satisfaction. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see which one it was. When the microwave beeped, I grabbed a big bowl and some M&Ms from my hidden stash. I poured the popcorn in the bowl, then headed to the living room.

Jason was already sitting on the couch with the remote in his hand. He sat there smiling at me, very suspiciously.

"What?" I asked cautiously, squinting my eyes. "What did you do?"

"Nothing. I just put a movie in, like you told me to," he said innocently. His smile never faltered and he patted the seat next to him. I slowly walked over to the couch and sat next to him. The bowl was placed in between us and we had our feet on the coffee table. The M&Ms had somehow found their way into Jason's big hands. I snatched them away from him, spilling a few in the process. He whimpered.

"Oh, start the movie, hog!" I teased. He snorted like a pig in response to my childish insult, and I just scowled. When Jason began to search for the remote, I realized it was under my thigh after Jason threw it to dive for the candy. Eventually, he found the end of it, and I noticed the slightest hint of pink flood his cheeks when he did. But it quickly faded as he gained his composure again. Next thing I knew, there was something warm tickling my skin. On impulse, I jumped up sharply, surprising Jason. That made him smirk. Uh-oh.

Jason practically attacked me, so I was laying on the couch with him straddling me, tickling my sides and thighs.

"Jason!!" I squeaked breathlessly. He was chuckling, showing no mercy, and I really felt the urge to punch him, but I was too busy squirming.

"Never!" he growled playfully.

"Pl-please!" I yelled.

"Make me!" he whispered in my ear. That sent shivers down my spine, despite all the suffering I was still going through. I growled, knowing he was getting what he wanted.

"Please! I...I'll do...anything! want!" I said, attempting to catch my breath. Apparently I said the right thing because almost immediately, he stopped and looked at me with an evil smile. That scared the shit out of me. He slowly lifted himself off of me, the smile never leaving his face, and sat down, turning the movie on. I was too confused, and slightly terrified of Jason to realize what the movie was, but once I settled down and put the popcorn back in it's rightful spot, the screen read The Blair Witch Project. My heart dropped. I didn't like scary movies, and in my opinion, this was one of the scariest. I gasped sharply and held my breath, causing Jason to turn and look at me.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I-I don't really like scary movies," I hesitantly whispered. He just chuckled.

"Come on. You know they're all fake, right?" he said with a smirk.

"Yeah, but this one looks real. They tape it with one of those low-quality, cheap-looking cameras!" I raised my voice. He put his hands up defensively.

"Ok, ok! But I picked it out, just like you told me to, so we're still watching it! End of discussion," he demanded. So he turned back to face the TV. I growled and stuffed some popcorn in my mouth, crawling into a ball as we watched the movie.


Since the first twenty minutes or so of the movie was sort of interviewing people, I was fine for a while. When the three friends went to the woods, it started going downhill from there. They were finding the little stick dolls, and the creepy noises started up. Eventually, I found myself curled against Jason, trembling, while he had his arm around me. Nothing ever popped out, so I never jumped, but I could feel tears forming when the guy went missing and they found guts the next morning. Jason just ended up hugging me tighter when he felt the trembling get worse. At the end of the movie, we saw the guy standing in the corner of the building with all the handprints around him. Then the camera fell to the ground, and I jumped.

"Shh," Jason comforted. "It's ok. It's fake." He pat my head, like always. Comforted by his touch, my trembling died down.

"It's ok, I'm fine now," I insisted. He sighed in relief. "Let's just watch a Disney movie or something," I pleaded. He agreed and stood up to change DVDs. I grabbed a big handful of M&Ms before Jason sat back down next to me. Unconsciously, I cuddled up to him again, and nestled my head into his neck. He gently put his chin on my head. I was surprised. This was the most intimate I've ever been with someone, and I just met him a little over a week ago. Suspicious thoughts had crossed my mind about him betraying me, or toying with me, but I had to take the risk. And I highly doubt anything bad would happen anyway.

"Is this an ok movie? Or is this one scary, too?" Jason joked, snapping me from my thoughts. I looked at the TV and saw the Lion King opener playing. Convinced that he deserved it, I punched him in his rock-hard, but, of course, it didn't phase him. He chuckled and I just stuck out my lip in a pout.

"Oh, shut up. But, just to warn you, I will probably cry when Simba's dad dies..." I whispered.

"Then I'll steal all your tears and lock them away," he whispered back.

"Ok?" I questioned. He pushed play and we watched the movie. But I didn't even have the chance to cry before I began to feel drowsy. My eyes drooped, and I felt myself being picked up. I opened my slightly and noticed I was literally in Jason's lap now, but I just fell asleep.


The movie eventually ended, and the house was silent. All to be found were the two teenagers snuggled together on the couch. Everything was peaceful for now.


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