No Way Out

Melody is your typical school loner. She has the books, the glasses, the nerdy status, and the past that repels other people. Except for one. When a strange boy moves into the small town, Melody doesn't know what to do. He isn't like everyone else. But having a deep fear of people doesn't help the situation. And she will soon realize that, in her small town, people aren't all that are to be feared.


5. Chapter 4

"Hey Jason!" I heard my name and turned around to see Clayton leading our group through the grass towards me. I had my lunch tray sitting on the table, and I tried blocking the sun from my eyes.

"Hey guys!" I said. When they made their way to me, I gave Clayton a 'guy hug', and he slapped my back. Damn, he can hit hard, I thought. It probably helps to be on the soccer team, though. "What's up?"

"Same old, same old. Hey! I talked to Coach earlier! He said if you want to join the team, just come to our next practice," Clayton said, flipping his shaggy blonde hair to the side.

"Cool. Sounds great!" I lied. Soccer wasn't my favorite sport, but I didn't want to tick him off. I finally had some friends that were known. And people were noticing me! Girls were practically stalking me. I wasn't about to screw that up. But I really wanted to try tennis. Maybe soccer could get me fit for tennis. It doesn't start for a whole two months. I wonder if that girl plays sports. I don't even know her name, I realized. We talked but I never asked her what her name is. What is wrong with m-

"Hey guys. Look," Mark whispered, furrowing his eyebrows. I never understood why he does that. "It's the Caller of the Banshees." Everyone turned their heads to the direction Mark was pointing. It tool me a while to find out who they were talking about. But then I saw her. Were they talking about the girl I spoke to? She was just sitting there under the shade of a tree, reading. Her blonde waves were blowing behind her shoulders lightly with the breeze.

"Who is she?" I asked curiously.

"Don't you mean 'What is it'?" Ashley said. She was scrunching her nose in disgust, as if she just smelled something bad. I didn't particularly like her. She's short with a tan, exaggerated hourglass figure, and had long, light-brown hair that fell almost to her butt. Any normal guy would be drooling over her, but she's a snob. At least, she acts like it.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not liking where this was going.

"Well, for starters, her name is Melody Breanne Farley. I know, it's an ugly name, isn't it?" I actually thought it was a pretty name. "Anyway, she lives with her brother, but no one knows why. And she doesn't have any friends. All she does around here is read and write. But that's fine with me. As long as she keeps her distance. She doesn't belong here. I don't know why they keep letting her into this school. Ugh," Ashley said without taking a breath.

Hmm, Melody. I liked that name. "Wait, so why do you call her the Caller of the Banshees?" I asked. This time, Clayton told the story.

"One day, like in seventh grade, she was in my class, and we were watching a movie. I guess she decided that she would close her eyes and rest a few minutes. But when the teacher tried to wake her up, she wouldn't. She was cold and frigid, like ice. Nobody could move her. Then suddenly, she raised her head and her eyes were open." Clayton was sharing the story as if we were telling scary stories. "The teacher talked to her, but she didn't respond, as if she was possessed or something. It was weird, dude. But the freakiest part was like an hour later. She was sitting in the exact same position, but the teacher attempted to wake her up by slamming a book on her desk. Right when he did that, she let out a bloodcurdling screech!" Megan gasped quietly. Are you kidding me? "It was the scariest thing I've ever seen," Clayton finished. I could tell he had fun with that story. He was smirking and looked smug as ever. And I don't think I really believed it.

"Whatever. You're just pulling my leg," I said unsurely.

"No, I'm not! I think someone even videotaped it or something," Clayton claimed. "I could find it and show it to you. People's reactions were hilarious! And when she finally came around, it was the funniest thing! She peed her pants and had a seizure! Everybody laughed!" Clayton started laughing as if had just happened. I instantly felt a pang of sympathy for Melody Breanne Farley. I wish I could have been there to comfort her. She doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

"Has that happened again since then?" I questioned.

"Not at school. But there's this guy that lives on her street, and he said at least once every month he hears a girl's scream come from that house. And once, he actually looked in her window and saw her strapped to her bed with the lights on. He thought she might've been naked, but he couldn't tell with the bed sheets. She is some pretty creepy stuff, dude," Clayton said.

"Dude, cut the shit. You're just trying to scare me," I retorted. Clayton looked hurt for a few seconds, then built his ego once more.

"What are you smoking? I wouldn't lie to you. But whatever. Go talk her, end up getting killed," Clayton replied. Then him and Mark noticed my tray full of food that was abandoned because they came over her. I looked over at Melody and saw her looking at the sky, before standing up and walking into the school. That shit couldn't have been true. She's not a psychopath.

I heard rustling noise behind me and turned, finding Mark and Clayton wrestling with each other before finally diving for the tray. I sighed. There was no saving it now.


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