No Way Out

Melody is your typical school loner. She has the books, the glasses, the nerdy status, and the past that repels other people. Except for one. When a strange boy moves into the small town, Melody doesn't know what to do. He isn't like everyone else. But having a deep fear of people doesn't help the situation. And she will soon realize that, in her small town, people aren't all that are to be feared.


3. Chapter 2

The day went as quickly as it came. And unfortunately, I figured out that I have all but one class with that Jason kid. But I successfully avoided him for the rest of the day.

I got home and found Andrew lying on the couch, and what appears to be watching TV. His back was facing me so I couldn't tell if he was sleeping or not. But when I walked over to turn the TV down, he lifted his head and looked back at me with heavy eyes.

"Hey," he said in a deep, sleepy voice.

"Hey," I said. I walked over to him and he sat up so I could sit next to him. "How are you feeling?"

"Oh, I'm feeling fine. Just really tired." He smiled to reassure me. But I wasn't falling for it so easily.

"Oh, ok." Then I walked to the kitchen in search of a snack.

"So, how was your day at school?" Andrew asked from the same position on the couch. I groaned.

"Ugh. There was this guy who wouldn't leave me alone. He was so annoying!" I said. As I kept explaining what happened, Andrew just sat there listening calmly.

"You know, I think he was just trying to make a friend, since he is new and all," he said. Now he was staring at me, and I knew his look was one to try and get me to think rationally.

"I don't care! I can't become friends with him! Or anyone for that matter! I can't trust any of those people at that school! They'll ruin my life, worse than they already have!" Just like every other time I've ranted, Andrew was listening intently while his genius brain was thinking of something to say to win this argument.

When I was done, he was still silent. That meant that this was a harder topic than usual. Then he started.

"You know what I think? I think you give the poor guy a chance. I mean, if he automatically thinks you're the only person worth talking to first, then he's got to be pretty trustworthy. And it wouldn't hurt to actually try and have a friend. I know you don't like anyone there, but it doesn't mean they're all bad people. Tell you what. Give him a chance. Become friends with him. See how it is to have a friend. And if he does anything to hurt you, I will personally deal with his sorry ass." He smirked at the last comment.

"You. Are. Crazy. And I just can't imagine myself having friends. I've only ever relied on you and myself. Besides, he's probably already friends with all of the popular people," I explained.

"What makes you say that?" Andrew asked sincerely.

"Uh... I don't know. I guess you could say in normal standards he's a pretty good-looking guy..." I trailed off, getting quieter.

"O. M. G. What does he look like!?" Andrew practically shouted. I swear, sometimes I think he's gay.

"I don't know! I didn't pay very much attention! I was trying to avoid him!" I exclaimed. Andrew dropped his head in disappointment.

"Still, I think you shouldn't block him out like everybody else," he pressed. I sighed.

"Fine, whatever. But I'm still not getting super close to him. I just can't," I mumbled. We sat there, watching a show about polar bears hibernating. Obviously we weren't listening, we were both thinking too hard.

"Andrew?" I started.

"Hm?" he hummed, tired again.

"Is there something going on? You seem to be a bit more uptight than usual." He immediately tensed when he processed what I was talking about.

"It's nothing. I've just been really tired and stressed with work," he explained, but he sounded unsure of himself, as if I can see through his lies like glass. And I hated to think that Andrew might be lying to me.

"Are you lying to me?" I asked, my voice trembling. When he told me he was fine, he was looking at his hands that were playing with his shirt. Now, he was looking straight at me.

"I will just say that if I ever feel you need to know something, you will know, one way or another. Trust me," he pleaded. I could see it in his eyes that he was keeping something from me. They were swimming with secrets. And I wanted to find out what those secrets were. But now wasn't the time to pry.

"Ok, well, I'm going to go read," I told him, and he just nodded his head in response and approval. So I went upstairs to my room. When I closed the door, I turned on the last song I was listening to, which happened to be Monster by Skillet, and grabbed a big book. I jumped onto my bed and laid on my back, opening my book above my head. As time passed, my book was still open, but I wasn't reading it anymore. Actually, for the first time in my life, I was thinking about somebody. Jason. It was crazy because I didn't even know his full name. I was trying to think why, in his right mind, he would talk to me. He was strange, that's for sure. And he was different. Hmm, I thought. Maybe Andrew's right. Maybe I should give him a chance. Before I knew it, my eyes were drooping and I was yawning every two seconds, until I finally fell asleep.

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