As perfect as i am...

A girl with the perfect clothes, perfect boyfriend,and perfect hair maybe isn't so perfect after all.


2. school day

Another day... So here's how today went:

Walked into school and everyone is looking and gasping at my outfit. I see Louis and wave he sees me but just looks away.(sometimes I think he only dates me because of my popularity) I walk over to him passing the nerds that were my best friends in middle school. I feel so bad sometimes.... Anyway I reach Louis and he puts his arm around me and kisses my cheek I then leave him and go to my friends. There he is, Niall, he is so cute, I asked him out but he said I was to crazy. It hurt me, very bad. He is standing with his friends who I like better then the other boys. Now back to my friend, well kind of friends. Hang out with them because they are "popular". Anyway I go to my locker and get out my books, then go to English class. The teacher hates me she thinks I am stupid. So let's skip that class. Next P.E., I hate it. They expect me to actually run! Wow that's low! So yea skip that class. You know what let's just skip to lunch. So at lunch I sit next to Louis and across from me is my do called friends. He flirts with other girls and when I try to get his attention he tells me to shut up, I am so done with him I told him to meet me in the locker room. So he did , I broke up with him he got mad. That was my day. Not that interesting but maybe tomorrow will be different.

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