As perfect as i am...

A girl with the perfect clothes, perfect boyfriend,and perfect hair maybe isn't so perfect after all.


1. another perfect day...

Walking down the school hallway thinking wow I'm soo cool. Looking down at my outfit, my low cut red dress and black high heels. High school popularity,making fun of the kids that are nothing to us. My day at high school with my perfect boyfriend, Louis captain of the football team and you guess it I'm Captain of the cheerleader team.

I decided to keep this diary so I don't yell at my mom anymore she does so much for me and when I get mad I yell so now I'm just going to write my thoughts in this diary. I bet half of you are thinking wow a girls dream. It's actually pretty bad. My dad is never home or my parents got divorced, I don't know anymore. I kind of shunned them out when we moved. I better get back to class talk to you later.

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