Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


11. the battle plain

Zayn's pov

Ok now Nikki Brittany and Alexis should be far away from here so Liam whin the battle starts grab Nikki and run louis run with Brittany Niall run with Alexis through them over your back me and Hannah will go with Louis and Brittany Harry you and Haley go with Niall and Alexis Cody you and your pack hold them off as long as you can right shit who's going with Liam and Nikki We will go with Niall and Alexis Harry and Haley go with Liam and Nikki.

Niall's pov

Greg dense what the fuck are you doing here where here to help yay more help shut up Harry (Harry hisses) did you hiss at me yes I did Irish boy hmf.

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