Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


12. spare moment

Louis pov

I woke up beside Brittany and I smile knowing she's. Not scared of me but the king and queen will stop at nothing to get her and kill her or turn her that's the bad part Harry told me that whin Haley got turned as soon as they bit her he could fell her pain to they were both in pain Harry fought back but they were to strong same with Zayn I don't won't that to happen to Brittany I love her with all my dead heart she's my love and I will stop at nothing to make shure she's ok Liam is in a lot of shit because Nikki's prenagte haha with his baby Brittany doesn't know yet I'm gonna tell her today good morning sexy hey babe good morning to you to so you know what what Nikki's prenagte really I'm so happy for her and Liam there's gonna be a little Liam or Nikki awwwww shit what babe I just rendered Liam's a vampire ya I'm gonna go see Nikki hold on let me come with you ok hurry up.

Nikki's pov

Liam just woke up and we where talking about our baby whin Brittany comes barging in our room flowed by louis hey louis hey Brittany Liam said then Brittany said don't hey Brittany me you fucker what did I do Nikki that's who you did god dam you could have used a condum well now Nikki has a little baby inside her Brittany calm down babe louis said Brittany turned around to say something but louis cut her off with a kiss I'm better now sorry Liam I kinda sniped it's ok your just lookin out for your best friend ya I am but I shuld have kept out of it it's your biz not mine hey Nikki how ya doin good glad you've calmed down. Me and Brittany were in the din talking then louis and Liam came in here and said there going out for a bite to eat Liam kissed me while Brittany and Louis where French kissing ewww Brittany Louis get a room Brittany sent me a death glare and said shut up. Bye babe I'll miss you bye loubear bye Brittany haha you to are so cheesy shut up Nikki aww that's mean so you need it.

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