Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


14. oh no

Brittany's pov

So Nikki how's little Liam doing. Good how did you know it was a boy.I dont know...ok then so how's you and louis ship doin good lets go see the girls ya let's go ahhhhhh Nikki wats wrong vampire and not the boys or girls they bit Alexis oh shit Cody help then five wolves appeared in the house must be his friends one wolf was blond while Cody and the rest were brown he must be the pack leader they killed them and turned human and the blond said to me hi I'm Luke h-hi I'm Brittany but can call me b ok then hi b I'm the pack leader I brung thes five with me after Cody yelled for me we have four more outside killing the rest ok thanks and here they come hi I'm brad and this is Conner James and tristan hi your oh hi Conner I'm Brittany you can call me b. then the boys and girls came in louis ran to me Brittany are you ok did they hurt you no Lou the wolves got here just in time but they bit Alexis. shit Lou it looks bad Zayn said boys come with me louis said girls say here.

Louis pov

Niall we have no choice she'll die if you don't turn her no I can't I yes if we touch your mate you'll tri to kill us no I wonlt yes you will its a vampire thing if you know who your mate is if someone touches him or her you'll tri to kill them oh that's why Harry and Zayn get pised if we touch their mates oh ok I'll tri.

After Niall bites Alexis

Niall chain her up in the cabin a mile away from the house so she doesn't eat Brittany and Nikki. And stay with her to make shur she doesn't escape ok louis.

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