Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


1. new girl

Liam's pov

Hey liam we got new blood today I I mean a new girl at school today Niall I know you just got turned a week ago but still you don't have to say that and are you shure you can go to school without sucking someone dry. yes Liam I can go ok Niall yes dad I'm not your dad I'm just worried about all of us me you Zayn Harry and Louis are safe because of me now Niall just don't be like. like a dumb ass shut up Louis you tow stop now Niall say sorry to louis he is the is like our father he did make us sorry louis it's ok now louis say sorry louis sorry Niall and Louis how is it that your 100 years old and you look like your 19 years old and your older than us and your the most immature out of all of us because I refuse to grow up.

Louis pov

Well time to go to school boys ok ready to run lads no louis where driving to school man Liam you just ruined the fun well louis it is the first day have not used your new red Lamborghini oh ya I got that for my 100th b day fine I'll drive it is a nice car lets got in our cars 20 mins later finally were here school wow who's that.thats Brittany Nicole Stevens Zayn stop using your talent fine.

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