Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


9. new day

Brittany's pov

Louis is my boyfriend yes he's a little pale but my sexy vampire boyfriend there's really no difference from how I love louis to how I love carrots he looks at me how I look at carrots With love but the difference is that I eat carrots he doesn't eat me well he could but he will not or maybe I will we never know love ahhhhhhhhh Louis stop it you scared me Sorry love but I might get hungry and bite you (sighs ) I guess you might. I love you Brittany and no one can change that awwww me to louis (Louis kisses Brittany passiontily)

Cody's pov

Hey mr.stevens is Brittany here Cody Simpson is that you yes sir it is .no she moved in with her real brother and her real mum and dad. What's there address.

Louis pov

Boys wolves come on louis we will help you kill them wow vampires put the fangs up I'm here to help you guys take the vampire court and king and queen down why because.cody!!!!!!!! Brittany tackled him hey Brittany nice to see you girl you to Cody. Louis don't kill him he's my best friend ok love you to boys ok Brittany fine you can help yes and I brung some Friends to help.

Austin's pov

My king the wolves are helping them fine they want to help them they shall die to.

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