Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


5. love

Louis pov

Yes I haven't bit her yet all is good with the world and and she's very hot what no I can't love her I'm a vampire and she's a human the king and queen of vampires will kill me if I love a human shit Austin Mahone is our asshole king and jada mahone our asshole queen so ya and I'm a little happy that Liam loves a human Nikki wright but Nikki and Brittany are in grave danger once apon a time Zayn and Harry fell in love with humans the concel found out and heals sat and Harry down as they turned Hannah and Haley into one of us Zayn and Harry fought and fought they were to strong for them now to today they are still in love Liam Niall and me will never let them touch our loves Zayn and Harry said that if it comes to a fight that is what they'll get so they'll help us yep and Hannah and Haley will help you to they know how it feels to get your life ripped away slowly thanks we said but you boys ant going out with them yet Zayn and yet Harry Liam and Niall and me said at the same time ya but tommo you said you will never love a human yes but that changed whin I saw her.

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