Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


6. lost twin

Niall's pov

I wish I could find my twin but she would Probley hate me anywise for leavening her or wonlt remember me anywise so Niall have you noticed that Brittany the new girl looks just like you but not pale not vampire or a boy ha she's a girl version of you mini Niall what no she does not Harry yes and don't you have a twin yes why she might be it but my sisters name is Brittany Marie Horan name change du no remember sister got adopted oh shit I forgot that so let's go see Zayn to see if I'm right fine.

Zayn's pov

Zayn!!!!!yes Niall yes Harry can you tell us about Brittany we know you know a lot about her because of your talent fine I do her real name is Brittany Marie Horan got her name changed when adopted she's 18 years old has a twin Niall James Horan aka you Niall. Ha told you Niall ya bro it's kinda obbouis Niall you 2 look just alike.

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