Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


24. legends

Liam's pov

a girl and boy twins from a vamps and more triplets from a demon and vampire and one vamp/human two children from a demon and vampire this ugggg stupid legends I have no idea what this means Liam Haley had twins what hold on Liam yes Brittany Haley had twins and there's one boy and girl and doesn't it say that there oh my god Brittany your a genius what i get it now my and Nikki's son is the half human and vamp Haley and Harry's twins are in here it's about us we have to tell the others ok.

Brittany's pov

Wate Liam dropped this half I'm gonna jus peak at it just a little peak the king and queen with there army attack the ones that dare to defend the makers of the forbidding children what LOUIS what babe what's wrong look oh my god. the legend is come ing true Brittany read the second half and we all get in a war but whose the demons me and Brittany are Niall yes all of the Horan's are. Demons I'm just half vamp because Louis tried to turn me.

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