Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


19. I got you

Louis pov

Louis can you bandage my arm yes I got you love ok thanks we have school tomaro yes Alexis will go next week we will go tomaro ok let's tri to enjoy the rest of our day ok let's stay here and cuddle ok plus I don't won't to clean haha I love you louis come down here now that asshole if your going I'm going hfp ok come on then we were walking down the stairs and Niall ran up towards us I put Brittany behind me hey sis I'm so so sorry that I tried to bite you please forgive me I forgive you Niall your my twin I can't stay mad at you forever yay Horan hug Brittany yes then Brittany ran into Niall's arms get away from her now oh ya sorry Louis loubear wats wrong it's a vampire thing oh ok let's check on Nikki ok while you were fighting Niall and Alexis Nikki asked me to turn her Liam said.

Brittany's pov

Nikki why I won't to be with Liam forever I under stand here Nikki me and Lou have your baby Liam and Nikki kissed Dustin's head and gave him to louis louis took him in our room I herd Liam say I love you Nikki with all my heart I love you to Liam then he bit her say bye to Nikki's human self

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