Forbidden love

Brittany Stevens was just a normal teenage girl until she met Louis Tomlinson.


21. how did this happen

Brittany's pov

Louis comeing yes love I'm pregnant what this is bad Liam turned Nikki over this the king and queen will have my head Lou calm down let's go to the doctor to see ok ok the get your shit on and let's go ok.

Liam's pov

Mom yes Dustan I'm bored well go see uncle Lou and aunt b sorry Nikki we've got to go why because Brittany's sick louis can we talk alone for a sec ya.

Louis pov

What louis why are you and b leavening ok Liam Brittany has been pukeing Ever since we had sex she thinks she's pregnant where going to check with the doctor ok but half vamp half human kids age quickly Dustan was born last moth and now he's 16 I know your kid will most likely help us fight she will pop at five moths ok go. B come on love.

At the doctors

Louis I'm scared it's ok ok Brittany and louis you're having triplets two boys and one girl thanks bye.

Haley's pov

Louis car is back there here Harry let's go see

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