A Hogwarts Romance

Lilly is a fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She expects school to be boring this year with nothing interesting. Then she meets new boy Zach.
Tall, dark and handsome, Lilly is intrigued with Zach and Zach with Lilly. But is everything too perfect and what is Lilly's best friend hiding?


7. Chapter 7

Chpt 7

Within the next week, Lilly and Zach met as often as they could. Whether it was outside, in between classes or in the common room, neither of them minded. Evenings were full of warm hugs, playful teasing and comforting arms for both Zach and Lilly.

One evening, after a particularly boring day for Zach, Lilly suddenly asked "Zach. What's your family like? You've never told me?" Her face serious with interest. Family was a tough subject for Zach but he felt comfortable with Lilly and he could trust her.

He looked around the common room to see there was hardly anyone in there.

"Well, my family's... Complicated." Mumbled Zach. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Lilly said gently, cupping Zach's cheek with her hand. "No. I am going to tell you. Well, my mother is a witch and stays home, does all the cooking and the house work. She is kind but will be strict when she needs to be. I have 2 younger sisters that are both wizards, Charley and Gemma, both are annoying but I love them anyway. I have one brother, who left to work in the Ministry, but I haven't seen him for years." He said, frowning a little.

"My dad, however... Is another story. When I was about seven, he left us. He broke my mothers heart but it was like he didn't care. He didn't say goodbye, he just left. I didn't understand, I thought he didn't love us anymore."

Lilly noticed Zach's eyes glazing over. She nuzzled into his neck so he didn't know she saw.

"Oh." She said softly.

"That's awful."

"Yeah. I suppose it is. I'm sorry for boring you." He said.

"Don't be. You're not boring me. Thank you for telling me." Said Lilly.

They stayed curled up together for a while.

"Okay." Zach said finally. "I have a surprise for you!" He sang, his eyes still slightly red. "It should be ready now." He checked his watch.

"Where are we going?" Lilly asked.

"Patience. You'll see." Zach grinned mysteriously. "Close your eyes and don't open them until I say!" Lilly protested but lost.

He guided her to the Quidditch pitch and led her around the side.

"Okay. Open!" He finally said.

Lilly opened her eyes and was at first blinded by the sun. As her eyes adjusted, she realised in front of her was a checked picnic blanked set carefully out on the ground, two soft cushions and a huge basket of food with Zach sat next to it with a huge grin on his face.

"How did you do this?!" She asked in awe, staring at him.

"Let's just say my friends really want us to work out!" He smiled and tapped the other cushion for her to sit on.

The next few hours were spent eating, cuddling and laughing. The sky was a pale shade of pink, gradually turning light orange. Zach looked down at Lilly laying next to him.

"Lilly?" He asked.

"Yeah?" Lilly replied.

"I really like you." Before she had time to say a word, their lips were pressed together gently. Their heads tilted to the side slightly and Lilly's fingers tangled in Zach's messy hair. They broke apart and Lilly looked at Zach. She raised an eyebrow at him and said, "You know what Zach? I really like you too." She leant in and kissed his cheek lightly, they were slowly turning blushing rosy pink.

The whole night neither of them could stop smiling. Annah asked Lilly why was she so happy but she just shook her head. Zach's friends didn't notice any difference, he was always this happy when he'd been with Lilly.

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