A Hogwarts Romance

Lilly is a fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She expects school to be boring this year with nothing interesting. Then she meets new boy Zach.
Tall, dark and handsome, Lilly is intrigued with Zach and Zach with Lilly. But is everything too perfect and what is Lilly's best friend hiding?


5. Chapter 5

Chpt 5

His hair was ruffled, but carefully and his face was cheerful. He looked pleased to see Lilly and this made a warm, tingling sensation spread over her body. It made her feel happy and content with the current situation.

"I'm glad you turned up." Grinned Zach, reaching out to Lilly's hand. She extended her hand in return and replied, "Of course I turned up."

He smiled wide. "Shall we?" He smiled. She blushed and placed her hand in his.

He lead her around the lake and into the outskirts of the Forest, where it was sheltered but still light. He dragged two logs together and sat down on the first, gesturing for Lilly to sit down on the other. She quietly perched on the log and glanced at Zach.

Only at that point had she noticed what he was wearing. A pale blue sweater on top of a crisp white shirt, black jeans and white Converse. The blue sweater complimented his dark brown eyes, enlarged by his glasses. He looked slightly nerdy, but handsome.

Zach noticed her looking at him and smiled. "What's your favourite colour?" He asked, suddenly.

"Um. Blue." She replied, realising how much she loved the colour of his sweater. "And yours is?"

"Red. The colour of your shoes." He blushed gently, glancing at her shoes. "Your turn to ask." He said playfully.

She thought hard for an interesting question and her mind turned to food. "What's your favourite food?" She asked.

"Hm. There's so many. But, chicken. Chicken anything and I'll eat it. What's yours?"

"Watermelon. Always. I know it sounds all health freak but I really love it." She smiled nervously. He shuffled closer to Lilly as he asked the next question.

"Who's your favourite actor?"

"Benedict Cumberbatch." She didn't even have to think about it. "He's so talented. I bet yours will be a typical actress like Megan Fox or something." She thought out loud.

"Actually no, Tom Hiddleston is one of my favourites. It's funny how our two favourite actors are close friends don't you think?" He grinned again, this time looking her in the eye.

They spent all afternoon talking and getting to know each other. By the time the light was dimming, their hands were entwined and Lilly leant gently on Zach's arm. The afternoon was perfect.

For now.

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