A Hogwarts Romance

Lilly is a fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She expects school to be boring this year with nothing interesting. Then she meets new boy Zach.
Tall, dark and handsome, Lilly is intrigued with Zach and Zach with Lilly. But is everything too perfect and what is Lilly's best friend hiding?


26. Chapter 26

Chpt 26

A few days after the incident with Zach Lilly's eye was bruised dark purple and swollen badly.

She put as much makeup over it as she could each day, without looking like she'd thrown it on and went down to breakfast. She usually just left Annah in bed.

Annah was sleeping a lot more than usual which wasn't like her but she waved it off when Lilly asked about it. Lilly was getting a little bit worried so she confronted her the morning after Zach and Dean's argument.

Lilly woke up to find Annah sat on her bed with her legs crossed, watching Lilly.

"What?" Lilly asked Annah.

"Nothing. You're funny when you sleep." Annah laughed.

"I could say the same about you." Lilly joked. "You never sleep a lot but now that's all you do when we're not eating or in class. What even is that about?!"

Annah sighed. "I'm just tired! Believe me. I am."

"How can I believe you when I can tell you're not telling me the truth?!" Lilly said, hurt.

"Lilly. Don't do this to me! You're my best friend!"

"I thought I was. But obviously not if you can't tell me the truth. You're sleeping all the time and you were ill just a week ago. Didn't you think i'd figure out something was up?" Lilly snarled.

"There-there is something. But it's.." Annah hesitated.

"It's?" Lilly continued.

"It's complicated."

"Oh okay then. It's complicated. I'm sure I couldn't possibly understand. You know what? Don't worry about it." Lilly said calmly, even though she was screaming inside.

Annah stood up as Lilly turned towards the door.

"Okay then. If you want to know." Annah said quietly.

"I do. Only so I can help you, Annah." Lilly replied.

"Okay. I'm pregnant."

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