A Hogwarts Romance

Lilly is a fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
She expects school to be boring this year with nothing interesting. Then she meets new boy Zach.
Tall, dark and handsome, Lilly is intrigued with Zach and Zach with Lilly. But is everything too perfect and what is Lilly's best friend hiding?


12. Chapter 12

Chpt 12

"Get up. Get. Up. Lilly. Come on. LILLY!" Audrey was shouting in her ear. Lilly looked around, slightly startled and found herself still in the common room still fully dressed with The Fault In Our Stars lying closed on the floor.

"Oh dammit. Lost my page." She grumbled to herself, picking up her book and her bookmark which was on the edge of a coffee table.

"Girl. You need to get your priorities straight! You look a mess, you need a shower and all you worry about is a stupid book!?" Said Audrey, putting her hands on her hips.Lilly gasped in mock horror, "How. Dare. You. Books are my friends. You don't understand. No one ever does." She said the last part no louder than the quietest whisper.

"Oh get a life." She nudged Lilly's shoulder. "Go and get dressed. And put something that normal people would wear on."

"I wear normal clothes!" Lilly said.

"Of course you do. If I see one superhero shirt I'm dressing you next time!" Snapped Audrey.

"How abou-"

"No." She interrupted. As Lilly turned to go to her dorm she could her Audrey jabbering to herself in perfect Spanish.

Half an hour later Lilly returned to the common room to find Audrey asleep on a chair.

"AUDREY!" She shouted.

Audrey woke with a start. "Hey!"

"Not nice is it?! Why are you so tired anyway? What time did you get to the dorm? I was waiting for you." Audrey smiled secretively, "Oh, you know. Just... A time. Ugh. Really." She changed the subject quickly and looked at Lilly's outfit. She was wearing her favourite Quidditch team's logo on a t shirt with skinny jeans and boots.

"What?" Frowned Lilly, looking down.

"Dress like a girl will you?" Audrey said.

"I AM a girl thanks." Lilly said, she felt hurt as she loved Quidditch.

"Sure you are. Let's just go down to breakfast."

They got down to the Great Hall but hardly anyone was there.

"Oh yeah. It's the holidays." Audrey said. Most people had gone home.

They sat down, adding to the mere 6 people on the Ravenclaw table. Lilly looked up and down the table and even scanned the other ones but still no Zach or Annah. Her stomach sunk again as she turned back to Audrey and tried to keep her mind off of things.

Lilly was just about to take another forkful of her bacon when someone talked her on the shoulder. She turned around. It was Zach.

"Can I talk to you?" He said sheepishly, like they had only just met.

"Oh so you want to see me now do you?" Lilly said a little harsher than she meant to but she still followed him to the grounds after a quick wave goodbye to Audrey.

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