Unrequited Love

When two friends who were separated as children are reunited only to find out that they are bound to an arranged marriage but to each other what secrets will be unveiled? What feelings and shocking discoveries will they make only they know how to,break through to each other. But can their love withstand the forces that want to stop it can their love really live through thick and thin? Well you'll just have to read to find that out for yourself now won't you :P.


1. The Seperation of Melanie and Brian

*Third Person POV*
Melanie was excited to hang out with Brian today so she dressed her prettiest. She was looking out her window when she saw a moving truck pull up to his house. She couldn't believe what she was seeing but it was breaking her heart. She was only ten and Brian was thirteen. She wanted to spend the day with him but her plans were being terminated. She rushed down the stairs and out the door. Before he could step into the car she whispered his name in an inaudible tone. He seemed to hear her though he turned to look at her. Both of them with tears filling their eyes. He ran to her engulfing her in a loving hug. She had broken down into tears that she couldn't even form her words right. She somehow managed to whisper the three words she had been holding in all the years she's known him. She felt it when she first laid eyes on him that night she came home from the hospital. 'I Love You Brian promise me you'll come back for me.' He was in shock at her words but he also managed to get his words out. 'Melanie I'll give my life just to get back to you I Love You.' They tightened their grips on each other. They were interrupted by the honk of his parents horn. They waved a goodbye to each other and she never seen him after that. She began to lose faith in his words to her so she slowly started pushing him out of her mind. Until something out of the ordinary happened that will change her life forever.

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