Unrequited Love

When two friends who were separated as children are reunited only to find out that they are bound to an arranged marriage but to each other what secrets will be unveiled? What feelings and shocking discoveries will they make only they know how to,break through to each other. But can their love withstand the forces that want to stop it can their love really live through thick and thin? Well you'll just have to read to find that out for yourself now won't you :P.


2. Reunited

-Melanie's POV-

I still think about that day when he left when he said that he'd return for me. The way his voice soothed me and caressed my heart. I dream about the day we will see each other again but I know it won't come. It's been eight years he's twenty-one now and I'm eighteen. He's probably forgotten me and that's ok I guess it was bound to happen. Currently I'm on my way home with my neighbors Greg and Gia their twin siblings. As soon as i walk through the door my mom calls me to the living room. 'Yea mom you needed me?' She looked towards the kitchen signaling me to go in. I walk into the kitchen and my jaw drops and my heart starts to beat rapidly. There he was and in my kitchen and smirking at me. 'Sup babe been a while wow you still look the same'. My whole attitude towards him just shifted to total bitch. 'Well hello weird guy that's standing in my kitchen' He chuckled like it amused him which in my case it did. 'Melanie sweetheart you're more beautiful than I remember how are you?' My head snapped over to his mother and a smile formed onto my face. 'I'm been well Mrs. Vettachini how about yourself?' She gave a sincere smile and nodded her head indicating that she is well. 'Melanie sweetie do you know why we're here?' I shook my head in a vigorous manner. 'Melanie when you were born you almost died and we saved you in return for a favor'. I stood there shock evident on my face because Brian started shifting a bit. 'W-what was the favor that was asked?' She made sure to get my attention because she made eye contact with me. 'The favor was that when you were of age you would marry Brian'. I looked at my mom with shock on my face because she kept all this from me. 'Melanie I meant to tell you but it slipped my mind I'm so sorry'. Brian was now looking at me and it felt like there was pressure on me. I walked outside and sat on the porch. Brian came out a minute later and sat next to me. He pulled me in for a hug and I hugged him back. I softly sobbed into his chest and he rubbed my back. 'Bri I'm young and don't know the first thing about marriage'. He pulled me away from his chest and looked at me seriously. 'Melanie I need to tell you something and it's important. I nodded not wanting him to lose thought. 'I-i'm a were-vamp hybrid'.

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