It takes two

She is really shy. Something happened in her past but nobody knows about it and it haunt her everyday.

Has graphic content


4. school

At lunch the 5 boys sat next to princess and I.. "What do you want?" I asked/demanded princess gave me a dirty look "chance!. Be nice." I rolled my eyes "please, have a seat." They sat down and I stood up to throw my lunch away. I sat back down next to harry. He put his arm around my shoulders. I glared at him. "Remove your arm from my shoulders." He left it there so I grabbed it and twisted it "don't touch me."

I saw niall glare at harry. "Leave her alone harry." I smiled at niall "I'm going to the bathroom"

I got up and walked to my locker and got my stuff. I texted princess.

Princess: p me: C

To P: hey I'm leaving.

To C: I'm coming!!

To P: k. I'll be by my mustang.

I put my phone in my pocket and turned the corner and ran into someone. I stumbled back but the person caught me. I looked up. "I'm sorry niall.... I wasn't paying attention." He smiled "leaving?" I shrugged "can I join?" He asked me "sure" we walked outside to my car we got in and I blasted the music. We were listening to dub step when princess finally came out. I turned off the music. "It's about time!" I said but she just shrugged.

"Where we goin?" Princess looked out the window thinking then niall spoke up "we should go to the water park..." "Princess?" She smiled "yes!!" I turned the music back on and drove off.

~Water park~

We got to the park and we looked around. There were rides and good and pools and water rides. It looked so fun. "Kenyan!!!" Princess ran off "ok..." I said "I guess we are on our own..." Niall laughed and took my hand in his. I looked down and smiled.


We rode so many rides and I saw a photo booth. "Ahhh!! Niall! Look! Com'on!" I dragged him over to the booth. We took pictures. When we came out we looked at the pictures. We had our tongues sticking out, him kissing my cheek, me licking his cheek, and one where I was smiling and him looking at me. I smiled.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I wrapped my arm around his torso. He kissed the top of my head. I drove him home and he invited my in.

When we got into his house I shut the door then niall gently pushed me against the door and kissed my cheek. He looked at me slowly getting closer then stopped an inch away waiting for my permission. I leaned forward and placed my lips on his soft ones.

His hands traveled up my sides and then up my arms then he cupped my face. I put my hands on his sides and yanked on his shirt. He took it off and pulled me closer to him. He lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around him and my arms were around his neck.

He walked up to his room and he dropped me on his bed following after me. He pulled my shirt off and kissed down my stomach and then back up. I shivered. He kissed my neck finding my sweet spot. I let out a small moan. I wrapped my lags around niall and pushed him over so I was ontop.. I bent over and kissed his lips then moved down to his neck. I nipples his ears making him moan. I smiled. We took our pants off. He put on protection and then flipped us over so he was ontop. "Niall." He looked at me "I'm scared" I whispered looking down. "You mean your-" "a virgin? Yes." He smiled "it's ok.." He slowly pushed in. I bit my lip. "Niall.. It hurts." He kissed me with so much passion it took my mind off of the pain. Soon he was thrusting in and out faster and faster. I moaned. Soon my legs locked around his waist and I started shaking. Niall soon stopped and he kissed me deeply.

He got off of me. He pulled me close to his chest and we fell asleep together.

A/N hey guys!! Sorry for the dirty chapter... I hoped you liked it! Please like and favorite!! I need 2 comments for the next chapter! Thanks I love you little cupcakes!!!

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