It takes two

She is really shy. Something happened in her past but nobody knows about it and it haunt her everyday.

Has graphic content


1. intro

Hey guys.... Okay so I know I'm in the middle of another movella but I don't know how to finish so I'm taking a break from it. I'm going to start this one because I have an idea sooo I hope you like it!!! Love, Kendra

Chapter 1: introduction

Hi! My name is Chantelle Tomlinson, but people call me chance. I don't know why though. Lol. Anyway, I'm half Mexican. I am 5'4, 16 years old, blue gray eyes, and I am thin. My bestie is princess carter. Yes her real name is princess haha. Anyway in with my story.

*knock knock*

Princess knocked on my door and then. Came walking in. I rolled my eyes. "Why do you knock if your gonna walk in anyway?" She shrugged "i dunno.." I watched as she sat down next to me. I wish I was pretty like her.. She's gorgeous. She's from the Philippines. And is half spaniard. She had long black hair, sparkling brown eyes. She's extremely tan. She was wearing black leggings and a shirt that said mofos on it.. I stood up. "Let's go to Starbucks. I need to Change first. Brb" I ran to my room. I already had my leggings on so I slipped my shirt that said crazy on it. Princess got her shirt then I bought mine so together it says crazy mofos.. Haha. Next I got my combat boots on. Took my hair out of it pony and let it fall down to my waist. I grabbed my skateboard walking out the door. "Okay let's goo!"

On the way out princess grabbed her board and then we rode over to Starbucks.

I guess I should tell you a little more about princess and I. We are the "bad girls" of the town. We are mma fighters. Black is our color. Nobody messes with us, we are both on the football team (soccer) and we are skater girls.

I went to find a seat while princess ordered. While I was waiting for princess to get our stuff I got on Twitter. I was looking at the hate people gave me and I rolled my eyes. Jealous fuckers. Hahaha. "What's a pretty chick like you sitting by yourself?" I looked up to see a pretty hot dude sitting in the chair across from me. I rolled my eyes -yeah I roll them a lot- "I'm not alone." He smiled at me and I gave a small smile back "your new here?" I asked "yeah just moved in yesterday. " I nodded "I'm Chantelle. But everyone calls me-" I was interrupted "chance! Get over here!" I rolled my eyes "yeah that! Lol. Gotta go! Nice meetin ya!" I ran over to princess "what's up?" She pointed out the window "we got company.." She sighed I looked. Ugh! It was Ben and his group of "friends" they walked in smirking at us. "Look what the dog dragged in." I said walking over to them. Ben was the "leader" he had shaggy blonde hair with blue eyes. He was muscular and attractive but I hated his guys. "You know you love me." I said wrapping his arms around me. "Garoosss!!" I said and shoved him off of me. He laughed.

"Don't try and hide it darling. You want all this!" He said making thrusting movements. I rolled my eyes. And kicked him in the place where the sun don't shine. I giggled and leaned over his body that was laying on the ground. "You still want me?" I stood up straight "more that ever!" He said standing up. I shoved passed him dragging princess along with me. We went outside. "You forgot your board." Princess giggled. I sighed and looked up at the sky. I turned to go get my board but I ran into someone and fell on my butt. "Ow. " I said.

I looked up to see the hot dude. "Hey" he smiled "sorry. You left your board and I came to give it back." I smiled as he helped my up. "Thanks!" I smiled taking the board from him. I turned to leave but princess gave me the look that says -he's hot!! Take him home!- I shook my head laughing a bit. I turned around to see him walking away "wiat!" I yelled after him. He turned and looked at me "yes?" I cleared my throat "uh. Um do you wanna hang out?" I walked back over. "Sure" he said shrugging.

Hey! Okay so I hope you like it!! I love when you guys comment like and favorite! It makes me feel loved! So please please please comment! Feel free to comment any suggestions or if you'd like to be a character. Thanks again for reading! I love you my wittle muffins!! ~Kendra

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