It takes two

She is really shy. Something happened in her past but nobody knows about it and it haunt her everyday.

Has graphic content


3. I hate you

Chapter 3: I hate you

After I ran out of bens house I got in my car and drove home as fast as I could. I parked my car and ran straight inside. My mom was on the couch crying but the minute she saw me she stood up. I ran into her arms and cried "chance! I was so worried about you! Where did you go and what happened?!" I shrugged "chance, I've never seen you cry before... What happened?" I cried harder "mom! I'm sorry I yelled at you I'm sorry I got mad! You were right, you have every right to worry!" "Chance your scaring me. What happened!" I sniffed "I went to bens... He had to go get medicine for his dad. And while he was gone I was knocked out and taken to his dad's bedroom!!" My mom pulled away from the embrace and stormed to the door grabbing her keys in the way "I'm gonna kill that bastard!" You see. My mom was the one to teach me my fighting skills. So she's a really good fighter.!

I grabbed her hand. "Mom! Don't! He's not worth it!!!" She turned to me, her eyes turned cold "not worth it!? Your right he's not but I'm gonna beat his ass for what he did to you!! We already have one problem on our hands we don't need another!!" She ran I the door and I followed to see her driving out of the driveway "mom!!" I screamed she drove down the street.

I sat down on the porch and cried. "Chance?" I looked up to see zack. I quickly wiped my tears and stood up "are you crying?" I cleared my throat before answering "no. I had something in my eye." He chuckled "mmhmm..." I rolled my eyes and walked in the house shutting the door.

I walked to my bedroom and got into my pjs. I climbed into my bed and went to sleep....

*beep beep beep!!*

My alarm clock was screaming at me. "Ugghhh!" I groaned and looked at my clock and it said 7:00 I turned the alarm off and crawled out of bed and to my shower. I turned the shower on and got in. I looked down at my legs. I was so soar and I had dried blood on me from last night. Just the thought of it brought tears to my eyes.

I quickly showered and got dressed. I straighted my hair which went just above my butt! I was wearing black jeggings with and grey sweat shirt that says F OFF on it.

I walked downstairs to see my mom. "You sure you wanna go to school?" I nodded "need to get my mind off things." She gave me a small smile as I walked to the door grabbing my bag on the way.

I was half way to the school when Ben walked up to me. "Chance? I know what happened last night." I just rolled my eyes and kept walking "chance I'm sorry!" I still ignored him. "Chance!!!" By now I was at the schools parking lot "chance! Seriously! Quit ignoring me!" I turned around and punched him in the face knocking him to the ground. "You bitch!!" I screamed "your dad is horrible!! I hate him!! I hate you!!! Go die in a freaking hole!!!!!!!!!!" I kicked him in the stomach. I turned around and started walking away "chance!!" I turned around "what??" He kissed me.

I bit his lip hard enough to make his lip bleed "get away from me!!" I tried to walk away again but he grabbed my wrist. "Stop!!!! Ben let go!" I pulled me closer "I believe the lady said to let go." I looked behind bens shoulder to see five boys standing in a group. I rolled my eyes "ugh I don't need this right now." Ben turned around and slapped me. "Shut up!" I felt the heat go through my body.. "No you didn't!" I yanked myself from his grip and stepped on his foot. He went over to nurse it and I kneed him in the face. And shoved him to the ground.

He lay there groaning. "Don't touch me asshole!" I kicked him in the side before turning around and walking away.

"Wait!!" I heard someone yell I turned around "what?" The five boys ran up to me. "Who are you?" I started walking "chance. And you?" He smiled "I'm harry. The blonde ones niall, that's louis, zayn, and Liam." I nodded "nice to meet you. Y'all are new?" They nodded and I smirked.. "Hmm newbies!!!"

A/N hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated!! I have been in vacation! I'll try to update everyday.. Anyway I hope y'all like this movella! Please like favorite and comment!!

Love y'all!! ~Kendra

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