It takes two

She is really shy. Something happened in her past but nobody knows about it and it haunt her everyday.

Has graphic content


2. chillin

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Chapter 2: chillin

Princess and the dude came over to my house. "Hey so I never got your name...." I said looking at him. "Oh yeah um my name is zack." I nodded showing I heard.

We all sat on the couch watching movies when my mom barged through the door. "Chantelle!!!!" She screamed. I tooled my eyes, ugh I hate when she uses my whole name! I stood up and walked to the door. "Yes mother?" She looked me up and down "where were you? This morning I came home and you were gone. I called you but you didn't answer. I have been worried sick!" Ever since what happened my mom has been so paranoid... I guess I can't blame her, what happened was tragic. "I'm sorry I went out with princess. And I didn't here my phone! It won't happen again!" I said she sighed "I know.. Your responsible I just worry ya know?" I nodded giving her a smile.

She walked into the living room and stopped. I followed her gaze to zack. "Who's that?" She whispered "mom that's zack. Zack this is my mom." He stood up and held out his hand. "Hello. Its nice to meet you!" He said. My mom shook her head walking out of the room. I looked down. "I think it's time to go. I'll see ya'll later." They nodded and left the house.

I ran to my moms room and barged in. "Mom!! What the hell was that? He's a nice guy!! Why can't you give him a chance??" She looked at me "didn't you see him Chantelle? He has piercings and tattoos. No way! He is not allowed in this house again!" I growled "mom!!! Ugh I HATE you!!! Your always so over protective and I hate it!!!! I wish you weren't my mom!!!" I yelled it at her. I saw tears well up in her eyes "your grounded. Just go to your room I don't want to see you right now." She said calmly. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut and punched the wall.

I grabbed a bag and packed some money and some clothes and ran out the door to my mustang.

I don't know where I was going but I somehow ended up at bens house crying a river.

*knock knock knock*

Ben opened the door "chance?" He pulled me into a hug "chance what's wrong?" I pulled him close to me "I-I I told my mom that a hated her and then I made her cry and I've never seen her cry before and then so much has been going on in my life right now and I just..." I took a huge breathe. And looked in his eyes "can I stay here for a few days?" He smiled and let me in. He intertwind our hands and led me to his room. He had a tv playing the grown ups 2. We layed on his bed and cuddled.

I hated his guys but he was so sweet and I just needed his kindness to comfort me right now.

It was around 9:30 when Ben turned to me. "Chance?" I had my eyes closed "hmmm?" All the sudden soft and warm lips were smashed to mine. And I panicked and softly pushed him away. I could see sadness written all over his face. "I'm sorry I just wasn't expecting that." He nodded and pushed a stray hair behind my ear. He leaned in and kissed me softly at first but then harder.

I pulled him closer to my and flipped us over so I was ontop of him. I started to grind myself against him and he moaned so loud. "God that feels so good!" He said I went down for another kiss.

The door opened "dad!!" Ben yelled. We both jumped up. He dad didn't look fazed. "I need my meds. Can you go pickem up for me I can't drive." Ben sighed and nodded "sure." He looked at me "can you stay here?" I nodded.

After he left I walked downstairs to get a drink but someone hit the back of my head. Not hard enough to knock me out but enough to daze me. I fell on my back looking up to see Ricardo. Bens dad smirking down at me. He put duck tape over my mouth and tied my hands. I tried struggling but my head hurt too much.

-graphic scene-

He picked my up and took me to what I was assuming was his room. He dropped my in the bed and got undressed. He ripped my shirt and bra and started kissing my breasts and licking them. He started grinding himself against me and I struggled but that only earned a slap across the face. "Stay still" I spat.

He pulled my pants down and my panties and started licking my clit. I lifted my hips I was schocked. All the sudden he got up and layed ontop of me. He kissed the duck tape where my mouth was. And then all the sudden he slammed into me.

I let out a muffled scream as he broke my hymen. I started crying and I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed. He kept pounding and pounding. I thought it would never stop. He came inside of me and got off taking the ropes from around my wrist off. Then he ripped the duck tape off I screamed but he muffled the sound my slamming his lips on mine and jamming his tongue down my throat. I bit his tongue grabbed my clothes and ran to bens room I quickly put all my clothes in and out my jacket on because my shirt was ripped. Then I ran out if the house.

Ben was getting out of his car. I was crying "hey what's wrong where you going!" He came over and grabbed my hand. I shoved him away from me. "Your dad is a sick man! And your just like him!! I hate you and your dad!!" I screamed at him getting in my mustang and driving home.

Bens POV

I ran inside my house and ran to my dad's room. There was blood on The bed. I heard the shower running. I barged in "dad! What the fuck do you do?!" He looked out at me smiling "mmm she was good!!" He said laughing "what?!! How could you! Dad you raped her?! Your sick." His eyes turned black. He got out a punched my in the jaw. "Shut up bitch! It's none of your fucking business!!" I puched home in the gut but he hit me back and shoved me to the ground kicking me. "I said. Mind your own fucking business!!!"

He yelled walking out

Hey guys! I hope you like it! Sorry about that scene. I suggest that if your under the age of 16 you shouldn't be reading. Anyway, like favorite and comment!!! Love you all!! ~Kendra

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