A not so fun fairytale


2. oh Harry!!

She takes me up into this tree house and says that my friends are in deep deep danger.

"She will draw them in and take them out one by one."

Creepy." I say not listening and just doing my own thing.

"Wait what do you mean?"

"I'm saying that when they fall asleep they will be put in a fairytale and the fairytale won't end so good."

"Oh no we got to save them! Don't just stand there we got to get the the camp sit!"

Harry's Pov

"I'm tired, I'm going to bed."

I go into my tent and fall fast asleep. Then I wake up on the cold hard ground.

"Quick! The wolf is coming build a house!" I hear someone say. I look over and see two pigs. Oh I think I'm in a dream and it's the three little pigs.

"I'm going to be smart and build my house out of bricks!" I say.

I got done early and had a cup of tea. I look out the window and see there houses. Ha, wood and straw that's stupid.

"I see the wolf." Said one if the pigs.

He walk over there and blew down their houses like they were nothing,it was a bit disturbing watching them be eating.

"Your dead!" Yelled the wolf.

I sit back and watch the wolf. One puff,nothing, two puffs, still nothing, three puffs and I am running for my life, then the only thing I remember is tripping and being eaten.

Louis pov

We were one our way to the camp sit when we heard a boom!

"What was that?" I ask frightened.

"Someone died..."

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