A not so fun fairytale


3. Niall!!

Nialls pov

I Was so sad when I heard that Harry died and Louis is still gone, so I was walking through the woods trying to find my best friend. I saw that girl with the brown hair again. I was to go ask her if she has seen Louis and she slaps me and I fall to the ground and black out. I wake up to the smell of oatmeal, and I was starving. So I walk in the house and there were three bowls I tried each one: one was to hot one was to cold but the middle one was just perfect. So now I was very tired so I was into the bedroom and there were three beds: one was to soft,one was to hard, and one was just right. So I was sleeping and I heard some people come in and so I jump up and run into the closet. The people were mad. I think that they rhyme when they are mad because that's all they did. So they all walk in the bed rooms and I noticed that they were all bears! I'm guessing papa bear saw me because he found me. And I was killed I think?

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