SurferDude Has Logged On

Pling. New Message. SurferDude.


1. Chapter 1

SurferDude Has Logged On

My heart skips a beat when I see that, the new thing I know I hear a pling and look to see I have a new message.

SurferDude: Hey :) xx

DollFace34: Hey! :P

SurferDude: What’s up doll face? Xx

DollFace34: Talking to this really nice guy, what’s up with you?

SurferDude: Talking to this girl who refuses to tell me her name.

DollFace34: Isn’t doll face good enough for you?

SurferDude: I bet your name is more beautiful than any nickname there is.

“Sage! Mom’s calling!” Karen, my sister calls and I look to my computer.

“Coming!” I shout, closing my laptop.

I speed downstairs, grabbing the phone from my sister.

“Hello, mom?” I ask, sitting down.

“Hey baby, how is everything over there?” She asks and I hear rustling.

“Fine, when will you be home?” I ask, biting my lip.

“I am not sure yet.” She says and I sigh.

“I miss you.” I say and I hear a beep.

“Oh, honey, I have another call, it’s my boss, I’ll talk to you tonight.” She says and then hangs up and I sigh.

I go upstairs after handing my sister back the phone and sit in front of my laptop again.

DollFace34: Sorry about that, my mom was on the phone :\.

SurferDude: No worries, why the face? Xx

DollFace34: My mom is out of town like usual and she is a workaholic so she hung up before I could even say I love you. :(

SurferDude: I am here for you love, how about we cheer you up? Xx

DollFace34: Talking to you is cheering me up already. :)

SurferDude: That’s a start. :) Xx

DollFace34: You are literally the best part of my day.

SurferDude: You are mine too doll face, every time I hear a pling, my heart skips a beat, knowing it’s you. <3 xx

DollFace34: Really? :)

SurferDude: Yes, I hope you don’t find that weird… xx

DollFace34: Not at all because that’s the exact way I feel too.

SurferDude: I didn’t think I had that effect on people. Xx

DollFace34: You do on me.

SurferDude: You’re the only person that I want that effect on. Xx

DollFace34: I forgot to ask, why do you always but the ‘xx’ at the end of your messages?

SurferDude: Honestly, it’s ‘x’ for kisses, you know. ;) Xx

DollFace34: You want to kiss me?

SurferDude: Definitely. Xx

DollFace34: I think it’s the right time to learn about each other.

SurferDude: Look at doll face, stepping out of her comfort zone. Xx

DollFace34: Oh shush! :)

SurferDude: So what kind of music do you listen to? Xx

DollFace34: Lots, I don’t really have a preferable type, but I definitely do NOT listen to Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, or Austin Mahone, ugh! :\

SurferDude: Cody Simpson?! He is my idol; people say I sound just like him when I sing. Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone, they are really good singers, I listen to their songs all the time! Xx

DollFace34: Alright, I guess I may need to check them out again. Anyways, what do you listen to?

SurferDude: Well, I listen to a lot of music; I prefer pop or some old time songs. Xx

DollFace34: Nice. :)

~A Few Hours Later~

DollFace34: I have always wanted to learn how to surf.

SurferDude: Maybe I could show you. Xx

DollFace34: Someday, I have to go, school tomorrow. :(

SurferDude: Talk to you tomorrow. This whole time we have gotten to know each other, I literally know everything about you except your name. Xx

DollFace34: And we ran out of time, maybe next time. ;) Bye handsome!

SurferDude: Bye beautiful! ;)

I log off, closing my laptop and sit back with a smile on my face. I get up and go downstairs. Karen is sitting on the couch with her boyfriend Cody Simpson. Yes, she is dating Cody Simpson, he is obnoxious and I hate him. “Hey Sage, dinner is on the stove in the kitchen.” Karen calls and I roll my eyes. “No, I thought the stove was in the bathroom.” I mutter to myself, going to the kitchen. I pull down a bowl and go over to the stove. “Hey Sage,” I turn and Cody is walking in with a cup in his hand. “Hi.” I say, turning away and putting spaghetti into my bowl. “Mind washing this for me?” He asks, shoving the cup in my face. “I am not the maid, do it yourself.” I say, walking around him and getting a fork and then going into the living room. I sit down in the chair next to the couch and watch whatever TV show Karen and Cody are watching.

I go to my room after I finish eating and lie down, thinking about SurferDude, I want to meet him so bad! Maybe I will tell him my name soon. I close my eyes, wondering what SurferDude looks like and go to sleep with an image of a beautiful guy in my head.

Authors Note

New story :) -Over&&Out

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