My Dream Catcher

Carter's mom's best friend has a son, whose name is Justin. He's 14. Justin was recently discovered by a record label company, and has been given a two month break. What happens when he has to come live with Carter for a month while his mom has to go take care of her mom? And only she know's Justins secret. A secret that can either bring Carter and Justin closer, or make them hate each other. Find out in 'My Dream Catcher'.


2. Chapter Two

Justin pulled away from me. I was amazed at what he had done. We stared at each other for a bit before he led me outside.


His backyard was beautiful! It was a nice cut green with a garden off to the side and a pool in the center. You could see in the distance two bushes that were slightly pushed a side.

Justin led me through the open spot to a lake that was behind it. It was such a beautiful scene with the sun hitting the water just right and the trees, along with it being a private lake.

"Why did you bring me back here Justin? " I asked as I turned to look at him. He looked down shyly. 

"To show you how beautiful you are." He said as he blushed and looked back up at me. I smiled at him as I saw how close he was to the shore of the lake. I used my cat like reflexes to push Justin in the water when he wasn't expecting it.

I ran as fast as I could as he resurfaced. I turned around to see him looking around trying to spot me. Once I noticed he did find me, I turned back around and ran inside and upstairs. I looked around trying to find a spot to hide in. I found a blue room with some pictures in it and a small bed. Behind the bed was a spot that looked big enough to fit me and, enough so he couldn't find me.

I quickly hid as I heard Justin coming up the stairs. I looked around as I felt myself getting sleepy. As I double checked my surroundings before I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Just for a little bit, I told myself....




-Justin's POV-----

C'mon, Carter! Where could you have gone? I looked around the second floor a little more as I entered the last room. My room.

Me and Carter are closer then ever. I mean, maybe we are moving a little fast. But we still are close just like we were when we both where little. But there was one thing Carter didn't know about me. It wasn't a curse, I was born with it. She would find out soon. The only person who knows is my Mom, and my doctors. I would not back out on telling Carter. I couldn't. We may only be 14, soon to be 15, but I know that I like her.  A lot.

I walked into my room only to be interrupted by a wave of white as I fell onto my bed. Shit! Carter must of fallen asleep! This can't happen.

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