My Dream Catcher

Carter's mom's best friend has a son, whose name is Justin. He's 14. Justin was recently discovered by a record label company, and has been given a two month break. What happens when he has to come live with Carter for a month while his mom has to go take care of her mom? And only she know's Justins secret. A secret that can either bring Carter and Justin closer, or make them hate each other. Find out in 'My Dream Catcher'.


3. Chapter three

-Justin's POV Still-

I looked around and it was foggy. I couldn't get pulled in. I would have to tell her first.

A final flash of white wrapped around my mind as I pulled into a place. The lake? Is this what Carter was dreaming about?

I saw Carter standing there, next to me. She looked older though, and was standing next to a guy. He looked like me facial wise. I looked nervous. We were both dressed nice, Carter in a dress that was short in the front and low in the back with sandals. I was wearing khakis and a nice white button up shirt. My hair was shorter though. It was sticking up with gel, I think.


I was talking to Carter in the dream. Not me but, who she was talking to in the dream which was older  me. They couldn't see me, and I couldn't hear them. But what I did see was older me going down on one knee.

As I watched that scene unravel, I saw a wave of black come over me. I was then pulled back into reality. I looked around my room trying to find Carter, as I heard her move around from behind my bed.

I snuck around and behind the back side of my bed to see Carter was awake and looking to see if I was around. She was slowly crawling out of the bed as I grabbed her foot and dragged her back to me. She let out a slight scream as she turned around to see it was me. She hit  me lightly and whispered "Justin! You scared me!". We just both sat there laughing.

"C'mon Carter, let's go get some pizza."

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