My Dream Catcher

Carter's mom's best friend has a son, whose name is Justin. He's 14. Justin was recently discovered by a record label company, and has been given a two month break. What happens when he has to come live with Carter for a month while his mom has to go take care of her mom? And only she know's Justins secret. A secret that can either bring Carter and Justin closer, or make them hate each other. Find out in 'My Dream Catcher'.


1. Chapter One

"Carter wake up! Today we are going to Patties!" My mom yelled up the stair well. I groaned, rolled over, and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around my purple room. It was neat, in a way. I got out of bed a walked over to my dresser. What to wear today...

I searched around a bit before I completed my outfit. Leggings, A white lace tank top, and Black vans. I brushed my long blonde hair and braided a small section, pulling it across the top of my head like a head band.

Finally, I grabbed my phone. It wasn't much, just a simple slide up phone with a purple phone case. I rushed down the stairs to see my mom patiently waiting by the door.

"Mom, I haven't even had breakfast yet!" I said as we were walking out the door. All she did was shake her head, and unlocked the car. My mom's car was just a simple blue Prius. Nothing much. It was only me and her now a days. My dad died a few years ago from cancer. It hurt to see him in so much pain.

My mom and I didn't drive for long. We were at Patties house in twenty minutes. I haven't seen her since I was four! She also has a son named Justin who is my age. I don't remember him as much as Pattie, but I remember how sweet he was. His brown hair and brown eyes were to die for. I used to have a tiny crush on him. Our parents thought it was adorable.

My mom and I got out of the car and walked up to the house. I knocked on the door and a boy answered. He was too cute!

"Hello, my name is Justin." He said as he held a hand out to me. I ignored it and gave him a hug.

" It's me, Carter! I haven't seen you in so long!" I say as I pull bag from the hug. He made a little thinking face, then it lit up.

"Oh my gosh Carter! I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you! Come on in!" He said as he led me into the kitchen. My mom slowly trailed behind, looking for Pattie.

"Justin wheres your mom?" My mom asked him.

"She's in the TV room, follow me." He said as he led my mom out of the room.

A few minutes later he came back into the room. We both smiled at each other until I said;

"Who's first?"


-------Time Skip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

A few hours later, some laughs, tears, food, and soda, Justin and I had finally caught up on the past ten years of our life.

"You know Carter, I really have missed you." Justin said as he stepped closer too me. I smiled and said

"I've missed you more."




"Prove it" I said. So he stepped closer to me and smiled. 

"Okay." And with that, he closed the space in between us. 



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