Stole my Heart


3. Pizza!Pizza!


"Hurry up!" I yelled to Tazh through her bathroom door. She's been in there for 30 minutes, what the hell could she be doing in there? All she said that she was gonna "fix her face up." Which I don't why, me and her are pretty beautiful if you ask me.

I walked in the to see her doing mascara and eye liner. Nothing else, just those too. I was pretty surprised. I never really seen Tazh actually wear makeup before. "I'm just gonna make my eyes pop out," she said, not taking an eye off of herself. I sighed. "Why?" I asked. She turned around to face me, putting down eye liner. Surprisingly, She's really good at makeup. "We are about to go 'HANG' with one direction, and you expect me to go makeup-less?" She asked. She did have a point. "Just hurry," I said leaving the bathroom to sit on her bed.


I put down the makeup. I was pretty pleased. Little did everyone know, I actually love makeup, and I plan on becoming a cosmetologist soon. Okay, just a little blush, I thought. I put on some and it looked really good on me, but you couldn't tell I was wearing any. Boss, I said to myself. I put the bangs of my black hair into a pin. I can't do anything to my hair, it's right past my shoulders. I hate that. I looked in the mirror and stated straight into my own brown eyes.

You can do this, Tazh. Just keep swimmin'.

Haha, I love Nemo.


I was finished with myself, very pleased. I had on a pink tight tank top from Aeropostale and a black leather jacket over it. Blue skinny jeans and black Sperry's outta do the trick! My black hair passed right under my jacket which made me look badass. Maybe I should change the jacket. I ran out into my bedroom passed Jasmynn to change into a denim jacket. NOW I was pleased with myself. Jasmynn basically has on the same things, just it's a blue beater, denim jacket, black skinny jeans, and blue converse. "How do I look?" I asked, turning in circles. "No time, lets go!" She said, pulling me out the door. Just then, I got a message.

From: 1 (413)-673-8639

Hey, it's Niall. Hiiiii :) when ya comin?

"It's Niall!" I shouted. Jasmynn looked at me. "Well text back, HELLO," she laughed. I shook my head in agreement.

To: Nialler xx

Now, I guess. Haha Jasmynn just pulled me out the door. See ya soon! x

Just then I got pushed into a taxi by Jasmynn. "Okay, okay!" I said. She laughed. "7 and 127 Copper avenue!" We shouted at the taxi driver. He instantly drove.


I know I just met this girl, but I'm shaking. She was honestly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her eyes sparkled with every blink. "MOVE YOUR FEET!" Zayn yelled, knocking me out of trance. My feet was obviously in the way of him vacuuming. I put them up on the coffee table and let Zayn continue as I dozed off again. "Woah, buddy, you alright?" I heard Liam mutter, but I could barely focus. My mind's on Tazh. I got a huge smile on my face when our doorbell rang. "I'LL GET IT!" Harry and I yelled, tripping over as many things as possible to get to the door. We both opened it with disappointment when all we saw was the pizza delivery man. "Oh," I said. Louis, Liam, and Zayn bursted out into silent laughs while Harry paid the man. Just then, two beautiful girls popped out from behind the man causing him, and Harry, to have mini heart attacks. "We're herreeee!" Jasmynn, I think that's what her name was, said sliding into the flat. "Peekaboo!" Tazh said skipping over to the couch. All I could do was stare, but I guess she caught me eyeing her. "Hello there, Mr. Horan. Fancy seeing you here?" She smiled. I blushed. "Why hello there." I said, and she smiled more. Harry walked in, sat the pizza onto the table and sat right next to Jasmynn. I was in a chair near the couch, and the lineup on the couch from closest to me to farthest are Louis, Tazh, Jasmynn, Harry, Liam, Zayn. "Hey, Lou - pal," I started. "You don't mind If uh, me and you do the ol' switcharoo, do you?" He smiled. "SO YOU CAN SIT BY TAZH, THE GIRL OF YOU DREAMS, THE ONE YOU EANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST MET IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE SHE'S ALL YOU'VE EVER WANTED IN YOUR LIFE? That Tazh?" He yelled, pointing at Tazh. She blushed. "Really Lou," I laughed. "But yeah, to sit by Tazh." He got up and shrugged his shoulders. "Ok." I could see Tazh get bright red when I sat down. "So," Jasmynn started. "Shall we dig in? The pizzas getting cold." We all looked at each other. "ME FIRST!" Me and someone else yelled at the top of our lungs. We both reached for the box and our hands touched. I looked up to see an anxious Tazh looking back at me. We both opened the box, got pizza on a paper plate, and sat back down. That's not awkward. "And, it was love at first sight.." I heard Zayn mumble. Liam hit zayn in the arm and I gave Liam a 'Thanks bro. You read my mind' look.

After we ate all got pizza, we were stuffed. The box was empty and everyone looked like they were satisfied. "BOREDOM!" Tazh yelled. I really am gonna like her. "I have an idea on how to pass the boredom," Lou said, evil smiling. Oh no, the boys and I already knew what he was thinking. "TRUTH OR DARE!" He yelled pushing the coffee table out of the way and we all sat in a circle. The circle went this way: Me, Tazh, Lou, Liam, Harry, Jasmynn, Zayn, and then I was by him.

Ohh boy. This is gonna be eventful.

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