Stole my Heart


2. coffee shop


I walk to Tazh door and knock. I wanted to get her so we can go get some coffee since it was only 6 in the afternoon and I was exhausted. I knocked again losing my patients, finally she answered.

"WHAT!" She spatted at me.

"Come on let's go get some coffee relax and chill." I said.

"Fine lets go but never rush me again!"

"Fine grab your purse, you're paying." I said with a smile on my face.


When we got to the coffee place we looked inside the window and only saw 5 .people and the workers. I looked over to the five, I think boys and they were all sitting together. It seemed like all of London was asleep except them and us. We walked in anyways and ordered

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady said

"Hi can I have a mocha latte." I said

"Yes and for you ma'am?"

" I'll have the same please." Tazh said.

While she was paying I started to find us a place to sit when I sat at a table close to the five boys I couldn't help but stare. They looked familiar but I thought to myself Jasmynn don't be stupid it isn't One Direction. Then when Tazh sat down I stopped looking.

"What are you looking at?" She whispered

"Those boys they...they look like-" I sad before getting cut off

"Jasmynn don't be ridiculous it can't be them, why would they be here?"

"I don't know but one of them is headed this way" I said.

"Hello ladies my friend, Harry, couldn't help but stare at you." He say pointing at me." And wanted me to come over here and ask you for your number." He said pointing at the brown curly haired boy with greenish eyes blushing now that this boy was pointing at him.

"Umm uh what is your name?" Tazh asked.

"Oh sorry I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson" he said a smile appearing on his face.

My heart started to beat fast and harder when I realized it is One Direction, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction asking for my number for who I thought was the cutest band member from One Direction, Harry Styles, I could've screamed but I kept calmed.

"We'll could we come and sit with your friends?" I asked

"Of course you can." He said nodding his head. We walk over to their table and they all scoot over to make room for Tazh and I.

"Hello what's your names?" A boy asked with a Irish accent, Niall of course , he was looking at Tazh with his blue eyes sparkling.

" I'm ... Uhh" Tazh tried to say but couldn't get the words out of her mouth talking to her celebrity crush, Niall.

"Her name is Tazh and I'm Jasmynn, Hi." I said smiling.

"Hello." They all said in unison.

"What brings you guys to the UK?" A boy asked with black hair and brown eyes I automatically knew it was Zayn.

"Ohh um... Summer vacation with best friend hoping to meet One Direction which we've now succeeded" Tazh said the last part she mumbled, I hope they didn't hear her.

"Haha congrats, so you guys are Directioners?, I'm surprised you haven't screamed to the top of your lungs." Louis said.

"Yea, I'm surprised too." I said smiling.

"So how about that number?" A boy with brown hair and brown eyes said, I know it was Liam from his birthmark on his neck.

"O.. Here." I said writing my number on a napkin with a pen and handing it to Harry.

"Um... If you don't mind can I have your number?" Niall said to Tazh as she just sat there in shock "Maybe we could show you around London sometime?" He said smiling.

I took another napkin and write down her number for her since she was lost in her thoughts right now

"Well could we have your numbers?" I asked.

"Of course" they all said and wrote down their numbers on a napkin and handed it to me.

"Thanks" I said looking at Harry with a smile, I could feel myself blushing.

"Yea thanks we should get going now but text or call us soon... I mean you don't have to but ... I mean if you want too-" Tazh said getting cut off by Niall.

"We get it love bye." He said smiling.

"Bye." We said in unison and walked out the door with our coffees.


She was.... Beautiful her straight long hair and her hazel eyes and the way her body was with her curves I could help but stare at her but I was surprised when Louis went over there and asked for something I didn't want him to ask her. At first I was mad but then when she started talking I was glad, glad that he did that for me, I found out her name was Jasmynn. I could tell that Niall fancied her friend, Tazh I think her name was, by the way he looked at her. They ended up giving us their numbers and we gave them all out numbers. When they left I automatically took out my phone and put in her number to text her,


Hey it's Harry, I know we just met but would you and your friend like to come over to our flat and hang out for a while?


Sure!, what time and what's the address?!


7 and 127 Copper Ave.

From: Kay we will be there:)



I was surprised she said yes to me when she just met me but, then again we are One Direction

"Who you texting over there lover boy?" Louis said with a grin on his face

"Jasmynn." I said I could feel myself blush.

"Awww... About what?" He said.

"Her and her friend are coming over tonight to hangout, with all of us." I said.

"See, I told you guys will find someone." Liam said smiling.

"Yea Nialler you were flirting with Tazh the entire time." Louis said.

"No I wasn't!" Niall said.

"Yes you were, but they are coming at 7 so we should probably go clean up before they think we are pigs" I said.

We all finished our coffees and left to go clean up my flat for Jasmynn and Tazh.

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